Fashion week has officially come and gone but you know how this works, it leaves us with something bigger than the show…. The TRENDS! , I mean those trends that are about to dominate 2016(so guys grab your pen, paper and most especially your master cards-its time to shop)

1.The Fringe Detail/Benefit:

“Fringe” is unarguably one of the biggest trends now. This trend has not only been able to successfully stay relevant from spring 2015 to 2016 but has been able to transition its way into menswear and we love it.From Orange Culture, sisiano to Nkwo this is one trend you need to be rocking in 2016.

Photo 2

orange culture,S/S16                 Maki Oh,S/S16             Tsemaye Binitie,S/S16        Kennneth Ize,S/S16

2.Wide-Legged Trouser #FELAISBACK:

Another huge trend that am not certain Nigerians are ready to accept is the ‘Wide-Legged’ trouser including flared pants & straight-leg trousers, a switch from the popular ‘skinny jeans’ trend.Also travelling from spring 2015 to 2016,this trend is definitely for a fashion forward/stylish Nigerian man (if not you fit fall for road when they laugh you finish).

Photo 3

Orange Culture, S/S16                                    Maxivive, S/S16                                           Sisiano, S/S16


3.Boiler Suits:

The Boiler Suit is one trend that I predict will catch up fast (if not already). This trend has been around for a long time but seems like one of those trends that takes time for people to get into. From Maxivive, orange culture to Nkwo this is one relaxed –playful trend I highly recommend #NOCARRYLAST.

Photo 5

kelechi odu,S/S16                     Orange culture,S/S16                Maxivive,S/S16                   ——————-

4.Capes & Ponchos:

Blanket Scarves, capes, kimonos, ponchos (you name them) – one trend you should already be familiar with, the only good news is that “ITS HERE TO STAY” and might just be dominating 2016

Photo 4

Orange Culture,S/S16                 Sisiano, S/S16                     Maxivive, S/S16                         Sisiano, S/S16

5.Geometric Detail

The use of Geometric Prints was also a big one, mostly used by female brands but also present among male brands.

Lawrence Airline, S/S16

Kenneth Ize, S/S16


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