The Founder

Cast: Michael Keaton, Nick Offerman, Laura Dern, John Carroll.

With an 82% rating from Rotten Tomatoes, this darkly humorous and jaunty biopic takes a look at the history of McDonald’s, with Michael Keaton playing a small-time businessman with a big-time dream.

“The Founder” is about Ray Kroc, the man who turned a California hamburger stand called McDonald’s into a global empire. Despite a light touch, it is a feel-bad movie. ”As with the food, the recipe here is one that includes making mincemeat of the unsuspecting, a lot of cheapcuts and more than a little unappetizing crap.

“This is definitely one for the entrepreneurs”


Hidden Figures

Cast: Taraji P Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monae, Kirsten Dunst.

Want to see a movie to be entertained and feel good; but feel you’ve spent your money on seeing something worthwhile? Don’t just look past the heavily inspiring Hidden Figures.

A dramatized biopic about three African-American women who made contributions to the US space programme in the years of the Cold War. It makes for a thrilling mix with the tension of thrill of the space race, the civil rights movement and the friendship which delivers the story’s warmth and spirit.

“Nothing on earth should stop you from seeing this, Please!”



Cast: Mahershala Ali, Naomie Harris, Janelle Monae, Trevante Rhodes.

With a whopping 98% from Rotten Tomatoes, This movie is lit up with rare wisdom. It is near-perfect and you’d be an idiot to overlook it.

A transcendent and melancholic experience, boy becomes man growing up gay and black in a crime-addled neighbourhood in Liberty City, Miami through a vibrant film about a tough life.

“Cinematic experiences like this don’t come around too often, so why miss this masterpiece?””

The Wedding Party

Cast: Adesua Etomi, Bankole Wellington, Iretiola Doyle, Richard Mofe-Damijo

Nigeria’s first of its kind. One which will leave you smiling afterwards as it tell the story of the children of two affluent families getting married. It is stuck up in Nigerian comedy, and a tinge of suspense.

Although with some unrealistic events taking place, we’re sure to overlook that because this is a rarity in Nollywood.

“It’s surely one to watch”

Magnificent Seven

Cast: Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo.

A remake that didn’t get so much positive reviews as planned, Magnificent Seven still caught the attention of many filmgoers. It is an update of the 1960s classic but which according to critics has a multicultural angle to it. It’s about a posse of vigilantes who rescue a town from bandits with Denzel Washington fronting the film’s titular gang.

“Perhaps a remake not so magnificent”

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[Written By Kolapo Oyekola]


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