One of the attributes of the African fashion industry is dynamism; the African fashion opens its arms to new and exciting cuts, designs and finishes with a creative sense of approach and an eccentric story to back it up.

Transcending all seasons and styles, our passion for fashion as Africans is gradually reaching its peak and some brands tagged as upcoming are killing this passion with abstract creativity and vogue trends and here are some of the toppers on Ekpo’s list that will pull double duty, this fashion season and beyond.


A neo luxury engineered fashion brand curated by Omafume Nemogha to sustain fashion from Africa with eccentric local Nigerian fabrics, trends, mechanized creativity and styles adopted from the Victorian era.

Pepper row by Nemogha is a brand for the youths that know what to wear and how to wear it, it is the parent brand to couture bridal label “Pepper Row Bridal”.

Summer Spring 2019 introduced the schmick fashion brand with their first public appearance at Lagos Fashion and Design week and  spice honors with their first collection titled RHEGIE which tells the story of a young kokori girl who creates outfits through the cultural inspiration of the Ibadan people and their African heritage.


Founded in 2018 by Nottingham Trent graduate Taju Ibrahim. The Lagos, Nigeria ready to wear and made to measure brand was conceived to produce minimalist menswear that blurs the lines between the past, present and future. The aesthetics surrounding the brand is the founder’s Nigerian cultural background and upbringing as well as his obsession with clean lines, his years of study and traveled experiences.

The pioneering menswear brand launched its first collection “A confluence of everything” around May 2019, the collection spoke loudly on the interpretation and blends of native and urban basics while exploring a refreshing side of African, European and Japanese references.


Timeless, transcendent, casual and versatile is what this Kenyan brand stands for, created by Katungulu Mwendwa – a fashion focus 2019 finalist of the Lagos fashion and design week annual program, the design aesthetic spells practical, innovative , contemporary and conscious.

ADRGYN|OMO, WORK IN PROGRESS & PEOPLE OF THE TABOO are the only collections produced by this brand and they all relate to individual growth in contrast  to amalgamation.


 Founded by Mohammed Jafaru  Larry- a 2019 finalist of the Lagos fashion and design week annual program ” Fashion Focus”. Larry Jay is a unisex ready to wear Ghanaian brand of ethical and tribalistic clothes and accessories that speaks volume on unisex wears inspired by nature and various African Culture and Arts.

The brand started as a fashion accessory line in 2012 with a rebirth and introduction of fashion clothes in 2016.

In 2017, Larry Jay released his debut collection “Timeless Legacy” which debuted the screen of the Accra men’s fashion week that year.

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