In Our Constant Support at EKPO  towards all things helping in the fighting of Depression/Mental illness amongst youths [ Especially In Nigeria,Africa], we have put together five easy tips for dealing with Depression. Because Yes! we all go through this stages


Simply put: hang around people that bring out the best in you,we all have friends and family who show us unconditional love,attention and support. do not isolate yourself rather stay connected with the ones you trust and love most,constantly discussing your issues and doing fun stuff e.g cooking,eating out,travelling.

hang around the individuals who spread positive vibes rather than those who bombard you with their issues [ You never told anyone you needed more problems]

2. Do Things That Make You Feel Good

well, we all know that depression will reduce the ability for one to carry normal fun/life activities,however following a healthy lifestyle and scheduling fun activities into your day is also a way of dealing with this depression.

get creative,go out with friends,take a trip to a local scenery,enjoy a good meal out with your best pals. [this are few examples]

Aim for at-least eight hours of sleep and also expose your self to Sunlight,while enjoying nature.

Make a daily routine out of all this fun mind engaging activities you like to engage in.

3. Eat Healthy

Eat A good diet and eat mind boosting meals,avoid food that can directly    affect your brain like alcohol & Caffeine [ Do Not Drink Too Much].

During this period of depression,do not Overeat nor under-eat, eat what is enough for your body and soul to work properly [ Eat Right].

4. Fight Negative Thinking

During Periods of depression,we all can agree our minds are pretty fucked up with several depressing thoughts of ourselves not been good or worthy sometimes our thoughts even go as far has death.

when this thoughts kick in,it is safe to remind ourselves that this thoughts aren’t real & this is depression trying to do what it does best,BRING US DOWN.

5. Seek Professional Help

Yes, we all love to get through with things ourselves but in this situation especially when all means fail please never overlook the power of seeking professional help especially in when in comes to a situation like depression.

“If All Means fails in defeating this depressing thoughts please do seek professional help [Fast]”

Thanks For Stoping By



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