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Here are 5 millennium style icons you should know.

When we hear the term “style icons” in Nigeria, our minds take us to the familiar names we all love and know,

the likes of “Ebuka, RMD, Noble Igwe, hush puppy, etc”.

No doubt, these men have all earned their places in Nigeria’s men’s fashion, but this article is dedicated to the up and coming,

the next generation of fashion icons.

This is meant to be figurative, but at some point, you must have felt like you have no clothes to wear.

And the old ones have all been featured on your social media page.

You definitely need to look out for these guys.

From our frequent use of social media, the influencers we see on our screens can be the game changers of the fashion hype train from the bottom up.

These millenniums know the rules of fashion and when to break them. When to experiment.

From street wear to tailored, on-screen glamour to off-duty casuals, bespoke Ankara to native attires.

Prepare to get schooled by the next generation of style icons.


Olupekan Tijesunimi 


Just in case you think your too young to start making your prints on-this planet, let me introduce you to Olupekan Tijesunimi.

A 22 year old lifestyle blogger with a niche in Fashion and Food, Freelance content creator/content developer, Wardrobe Stylist

and a Chartered Accountant based in Lagos city.

The 22year old, draws his inspiration from “everything around him” which guarantees us that he won’t be running out of inspirations any time soon.

He has worked with Wilson’s Lemonade as their seasonal brand Ambassador, GT bank, Diageo, Tech-point Africa amongst other brands in the past.

With his very unique and colorful wardrobe, he is surely the next generation style icons to look out for.

Tijesunimi is a multi-faceted star with just as much shine in his attire.




Rappers across the pond have a heightened taste for the garish.

Which, in moderation, is no bad thing something REMA the 19 year old rapper songwriter knows all too well.

REMA’s secret ingredient is authenticity.      

He mixes colors and clashes wild prints unashamedly, but also maintain a comfortable look.

And of course, who could forget those signature dread chains. This rapper, incorporates face masks into his stage outfits and still looks fire.


Lukas Sabbat


You can’t mention Millennial fashion icon and leave out the 21year old Actor, Model Lukas Sabbat.

Sabbat is the epitome of high-end street wear hype a stylist that’s worked with ASOS, iD and Nike.

He manages to layer the expensive labels with more accessible ones too, and can seamlessly flit between classic and modern as a result.

His fashion is said to be Gender fluid. he has been seen rocking a crop top effortlessly, with bare bottom Demi.


Jaden Smith


We don’t have to tell you that Jaden Smith is in a league of his own when it comes to getting dressed (or most things, actually).

If you’ve seen even one paparazzi photo of him before today, you know the guy holds himself to a different set of style rules.

In Jaden’s magical world, water bottles can be cell phones, fine jewelry can be hair ties, and recently-shorn locks can be handbags.

Needless to say, the 21 year-old isn’t afraid to test run today’s weirdest and wildest fashion trends.

He is a young man with some serious weight in the style sector, and he is shifting the boundaries of male fashion.

He defiles any stereotypes in male/female styles. Smith has made it clear that he has no intention to conform to gender prescriptivism,

so everyone who knows Jaden knows this: He wears what he wants, when he wants, with confidence. The best part? He does it, so so well.


Akin Faminu


Always looking dapper anything he wears, this style icon is a trend setter and a life saver.

I mean literally, to snag up a degree in medicine and still look like a snack is mind blowing.

This young doctor adds levels into fashion which is not common in Nigeria.

With all the studying and busy schedule you will wonder how he was able to still make time to explore his styles.

He is giving a new definition to trends in a “white collar job”. He has worked with a handful of fashion brands in the country and has been featured in several online platforms including CNN Africa.


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