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The 2018 Soundcity MVP Awards recently went down,with the biggest and brightest stars all gracing the Red carpet/Award Show.

Heres Our Top 5 Stylish Men who stood out at the 2018 Soundcity MVPS.

  • 2 BABA “A very easy look 2baba opted for”

-coloured Aviators, light pink kaftan and velvet loafers to compliment! simple but squeaky Clean! 

  • RIC HASSANI “Always Dapper but it gets boring tho””

Dont get it twisted,we are such huge fans of Ric Hassani but it comes a time……where we kind of need a swicth up from bro! his almost so predictable but still nails it/so we cant shout

  • SARZ “Ajinomto with the Sauce”

Need We Say Much?

Sarz is unarguably one of our best dressed of the Night! not too much,not too little, just giving us the right blend of style such and easy look,(its just something about how we puts the items together.)

  • RMD / Richard Mofe Damijo

“Ultimate Daddy Alert”

Ever seen a grown man Saucing ?,well thats RMD for you! such a comfy look,perfect for an Award show plus i mean its R M fucking D, does he ever do any wrong? #WHENWEGROWUP

DICE AILES “He gets a pass”

Black detailed jacket,tailored pants and lets say the right amount of jewellery – not over the top but he gets a pass just because we’ve seen Dice in better more stylish pieces!

Photo Credit/ Pulseng


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