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Dukun 2- Ugha Mi collection

As the fashion industry becomes increasingly saturated, with trends cycling in and out at breakneck speed, it’s rare to encounter a brand that truly stands out. Enter Dukun, an avant-garde Nigerian label that merges the rich tradition of handicrafts with contemporary tailoring.

This unique community of makers and users is reshaping the Nigerian artisanal space, offering something genuinely novel and compelling.

Dukun’s latest collection, Dukun 2 – UGHA MI, is a follow-up to their inaugural line; it’s a bold invitation into the brand’s world. “Ugha Mi,” an Itsekiri phrase meaning “my compound,” encapsulates the essence of home, blending functionality, aesthetics, and personal identity.

This collection serves as a manifesto, deepening Dukun’s commitment to product-led design and the transformative power of fabric.

Drawing inspiration from architecture, UGHA MI explores the intricate relationship between homes and the human experience. Just as a home marries utility with beauty and identity, this collection harmonizes traditional craftsmanship with innovative design. Each piece is a testament to the ease and comfort of home, reflecting the freedom to express oneself authentically.

Produced entirely in-house by a small, dedicated team, UGHA MI showcases the remarkable potential of locally sourced materials from Lagos, Nigeria. The Dukun team has meticulously crafted a visually stunning and technically proficient collection, characterized by deliberate deconstructed elements that challenge conventional aesthetics.

Fabric manipulation is at the heart of UGHA MI, transforming everyday materials into extraordinary fashion statements. The collection deconstructs familiar silhouettes, reinterpreting them into unique staples that balance geometry, finishing, and intricate details. Each garment reflects the ease and comfort of home, offering wearers the freedom to be themselves.

UGHA MI is a visual and technical triumph. The Dukun team’s expertise in fabric manipulation and design is evident in every piece. The collection’s deconstructed elements reflect a continual desire to redefine the brand’s aesthetic, creating garments that are both visually captivating and technically advanced.

From the geometry of the cuts to the meticulous finishing and detailing, each piece in the UGHA MI collection is a representation of the brand’s philosophy. The collection embodies the ease and comfort of home, allowing wearers to experience the freedom of self-expression through fashion.

check out the looks from the collection below.


This stunning collection comes to life through the collaboration of a talented creative team:

With UGHA MI, Dukun continues to redefine the boundaries of Nigerian artisanal fashion, merging the traditional with the avant-garde to create pieces that are as unique as they are beautiful. This collection is a celebration of home, identity, and the endless possibilities of fabric and design.

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