“When you get tired of fashion, you get tired of your life” declares the 1826 fashion icon Charles Fredrick who developed the cult which has been drawing worlds together over centuries now.

Despite the conversational juice that spurs the Nigerian society on the extravagant nature of fashion, there is no denying in the way we jump into the wagon of trends and styles that suit different personalities.

Christen it with fancy names: contempoary oat meal, stony ground – if you so desire, but the swerve in 2009 and 2019 fashion looks are a decade of reasons why fashion is obviously a cult.

Designers dreamed up outfits for seemingly every conceivable activity. There were streets and visiting gowns; cloaks for opera and dishablle for afternoons but these items had no rhythm to the particular taste of a socialization then they were developed according to their lifestyles and seasons -further originating Autumn/Winter, Summer/Spring and Fall fashion seasons.


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