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If you missed VVS Lagos 2024, you missed one heck of a show! VVS, short for Very Very Special, is a celebration of authentic luxury and collaborative creativity.

This year’s edition, held from July 2nd to 7th, was an absolute blast, bringing together the crème de la crème of Lagos’ creative scene.

From fashion shows and live performances to art exhibitions and panel discussions, VVS Lagos 2024, spearheaded by the multifaceted Ifeanyi Nwune, had it all.

The buildup to VVS Lagos 2024 was a whirlwind of anticipation and excitement. The headline for the editorial campaign set the tone perfectly: “Unveiling Authentic Luxury and Collaborative Creativity.” This wasn’t just a tagline; it was a promise of what was to come. The campaign shoot brought together a host of thriving creatives in the Lagos scene, featuring brands like the eponymous I.N Official, TJ Who, Whytace, and Hubris World. The season was all about celebrating collaboration, co-creation, and community.

Creative director: @ifeanyinwune
Style director: @iamdanielobasi
Producer: @doctor_hyp
Art director: @jemxni @_faboyo
Video produced & shot by: @eseamros @sammy.oa @draftsbysam
Photography: @mwtv___
Models: @enigmaticqwen @almera_danjuma @chideraenwelum @akinfaminu @mmeliofficial @chalepado
Production assistant: @bevs_gram
Wardrobe assistant: @ani_clare @badboytbd @tofaratii @ajoke_bethel
BTS: @jidevision @lsddave @ani_clare
Location: @clovacreate
Execution: @imagi.nationagency 

VVS Lagos 2024 owes its success to the visionary creative director, founder, and polymath, Ifeanyi Nwune. Backed by the office of the honorable commissioner for tourism in Lagos State, Nigeria, Ifeanyi brought his unique blend of creativity and organizational prowess to the forefront. His dedication to fostering a sense of community among creatives was evident throughout the event.

From July 2nd to July 7th, Lagos was the place to be. The event featured a smorgasbord of fashion shows, live performances, art exhibitions, shopping experiences, and panel discussions. Fashion lovers were treated to runway shows that showcased the latest collections from top brands

Ifeanyi Nwune (left) King perry (right)

Art enthusiasts had their fill at the art exhibition curated by none other than Ifeanyi Nwune. The exhibition featured works by Dricky and a host of other talented artists, transforming the venue into a vibrant canvas of creativity. The pieces on display were not just visually stunning but also thought-provoking, reflecting the diverse artistic expressions of the Lagos creative community.

The “brand trunk” sale was a major highlight, featuring accessories and garments from a number of amazing brands. Shoppers could browse and buy from labels like I.N Official, Whytace, Hubris World, Oshobor, and many more. The atmosphere was electric, with fashion enthusiasts and influencers mingling, shopping, and celebrating their love for unique and high-quality fashion.

Seun kuti (left) Dbanj (right)

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