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Adeju Thompson

It’s safe to say Lagos Space programme has made Global impact.

Recently announced as the winner of the 2023 Woolmark Prize

an international prize that celebrates

outstanding fashion talents from around the globe

for their creativity in the use of wool.

the Avant Garde luxury design project, Lagos Space Programme

founded in 2018 by Adeju Thompson

is the latest winner of the oldest Prize in fashion.

The Nigerian designer received a level of formal education in fashion

at Birmingham city university, United Kingdom.

until he was forced to drop out for financial reasons.

luckily, at that point Adeju had developed his CV enough to return to Lagos, Nigeria

to begin working in the fashion industry

and start off his own fashion project later on.


Driven by community, sustainability and cultural innovation

Lagos Space Programme is a non-binary artisanal design label

focused on proposing new conversations in African design

by collaborating to innovate on previously existing techniques

to create contemporary unique pieces.

e.g tie dye and woven fabrics.

(did you follow?)

LSP is basiacally making “old clothes” and the technique used to make them

look cool in a new way.

(in very layman terms)

directed by the vision of the creative director

the team at Lagos space programme really ticked all the boxes

for a progressive contemporary brand.

they are sustainable, gender fluid and ethical.

such a portfolio will undoubtedly get you noticed

regardless of your location.

As a result of this

So far, Dazed, CNN, show studio and Vogue to name a few

have featured the work of the Nigerian brand.

showcasing a collection at Milan fashion week

being selected among Arise Fashion week top 8

and getting shortlisted as a semi finalist for the prestigous 2021 LVMH prize

these are just a couple of accomplishments by the brand since it’s inception.


Contested by the likes of Yves saint Laurent, Givenchy and Karl lagerfeld

the International Woolmark Prize dates as far back as 1936.

formerly known as the international wool secretariat design competition

it was a means to promote wool to the global market.

the International Woolmark Prize is currently a platform

for young emerging designers to be acknowledged

and identify with a long list of

high profile designers and industry stake holders

all through the fiber of wool.

A dedicated innovation Award, later renamed the Karl Lagerfeld Innovation Award

was incorporated in 2017 to encourage young designers

that are championing progressive change in the industry.

As the winners of the 2023 edition of the prize

Lagos Space Programme competed along side the likes of RHUDE, Robyn Lynch, blue marble

to receive the $200,000 AUS cash prize, retailer endorsements, and business mentorship

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