Fam! its really been a while but no love lost,I’ve just been up too so much lately and I’m strongly positive that everyone is getting on well (except from this heat tears).

For todays outfit/style post, am taking it back to something very familiar with everyone and definitely one of my favourite MUST-HAVES right now, “THE KAFTAN”.


I could go ahead and rant all day about the kaftan and BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!, but truth is “Ain’t nobody got time for that” ( and that has already been done HERE)

So lets dive into more interesting things,like how i took this innocent looking kaftan to the streets!!


best part of styling this kaftan is how i use simple and accessible items, from a pair of sun shades (obviously),branded badges to the WOES baseball cap by an upcoming Nigerian street-wear brand. (its that simple)


For this kaftan look,i wanted to go for the whole street style feel yet making it very easy,simple and wearable (hope i was able to achieve this). brought the whole look together with a pair of skinny jeans,which is every mans necessity and lastly the YEEZY BOOST which gave the look that final feel i needed.


Best thing about this look is how simple and comfortable it is,yet still putting your best foot forward.


This look could be worn for a simple day out with friends and other similar occasions ( the list is endless)…

Thanks Thanks Thanks ! For Stopping by guys & Feel Free to leave your thoughts about this outfit, and Remember “LESS IS MORE”


What I’m Wearing:

Kaftan :By Ekpo (08162978712)

Black Skinny Jeans : H&M

Rolling Stone Badge: Amazon

Sneakers : Adidas Yeezy 350 Bo0st


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