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TG Omori in Look 3 from Akwayard IV

Video director and media personality, TG Omori, set his social media fanbase ablaze

with recent looks from the WHYTACE X BOY AKWAYARD IV exclusive collection.

an exceptional collection that marries the visionary creations of fashion stylist and designer Nonso Chilaka

with the magnetic charisma of renowned video director and style icon TG Omori.

In this groundbreaking collaboration, elegance meets eccentricity, creating a symphony of looks that challenge conventions and celebrate individuality.

Nonso Chilaka’s avant-garde designs push the limits of conventional fashion

breathing life into garments that tell stories of boldness and self-assurance.

Each piece is a canvas, meticulously crafted to blur the lines between art and attire.

Stepping into these ensembles is the charismatic TG Omori, a maestro of visual storytelling in the world of music.

With a unique blend of charm and audacity, TG Omori personifies the essence of “Whytace x Boy Akwayard,”

embodying the spirit of those unafraid to embrace their quirks and diverge from the norm.

At the point where fashion and personality intertwine, where garments are more than just fabric

are Nonso Chilaka’s ingenious designs finding their muse in TG Omori’s captivating persona.

“Whytace x Boy Akwayard” isn’t just a collection; it’s an exploration of identity

a celebration of authenticity, and an ode to the power of fearless style

TG and nonso teased the first looks from the collection on Instagram earlier this month, with a two-piece Aso Oke outfit inspired by Kenneth IZE

followed by an all white 2 piece suit with a rainbow print.

The more recent looks from the collection feature a blue denim 2 piece harmless suit with white bandana prints and a double-breasted puppy yellow 3 piece suit.

The looks from the collection perfectly showcase TG’s eccentric style and Nonso’s incredible designs.

Aside from being famous for his styling prowess, Nonso Chilaka also boasts of the fact that he designs and physically creates the garments on his page from scratch.

Check out the looks from the WHYTACE X BOY AKWAYARD IV collection below.

Model @boy_director
Styled and designed by @whytace

Photography by @eddehjr

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