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The London Collection: Men (LC:M), which is one of the busiest days for men in the fashion industry (From The Designers, Fashion Editors to The Bloggers) has officially come & gone but like I always say it leaves us with the major thing we should be most excited for- THE TRENDS.

This Period involves all menswear Designers showcasing their AUTUMN/WINTER 2016 collection and introducing us to the trends we might just be rocking this time next year – and I must say am really impressed.

Here Are Some Of The Trends EKPO.COM.NG predicts are emerging:


Photo 1
Picture: Ekpo

By Loose Pants I mean wide leg trousers for men & this could already be seen in women wears. But thinking about it,did you ever assume there would be a time where men would actually go back to rocking the so-called baggy trousers? Well,looks like the time is now bro! From Topman, Lou Dalton to Alexander McQueen. Seemed like almost any pant/trouser coming down the runway were either loose & slouchy or slim & cropped,this trend is definitely for a Bold and Really Fashion Forward Nigerian Guy.


Photo 3
Picture: Ekpo

“What I Refer To as CAMEL COLOUR”

Well is this trend new to you? (I Doubt) remember I’ve been talking about this trend from my Instagram to HERE (where I showed how I incorporated the camel Colour trend into a casual wear). This I have to say,is my favorite of all trends sent down the runway. The earth tone trend started to hint itself to us as at the end of last year & now there’s no need hiding Baby! Because the Earth-Tone Trend was seen all over the runway in all kind of forms from Camel Coloured Coats to suede tucker jackets (I suggest you try this, It’s the easiest/money-saving trend to adjust too).


Picture: Getty

Some Might Say shearling is back, while some might say shearling has transformed into something no one saw coming. Well shearling which was one of the biggest trends from last season is proving to us its going nowhere anytime soon, its been given a more modernized feel to what some refer to as textured knits, giving us the reverse shearling outwear feel.

From Sweatshirts, trousers, down to even shoes, unarguably this is one of the biggest A/W’16 trends & very expensive too.


picture: Getty

Another key trend noticed at the LC:M was use of metallic & silk fabrics, this only goes far to show that the designers at the LC:M really have big plans for our nightwear (Nightwear might Just be The Next Big thing).Best part of this trend is the infusion of both Masculine Detailing & really Feminine Fabrics to bridge the gap of gender binaries. Think this trend is too much? Naaa bro!,feel free to add a little bit of this PJ flavoured steez to your street style.

5.Fahrenheit 451:

Cant say Much On this Trend,but if you’ve seen pictures from mens fashion week,you’ll be familiar with this trend, not my favourite at all.

CONCLUSION: There you have it,EKPO.COM.NG list of trends that might just be taking over menswear real soon or already. Thanks For Stopping By,Feel Free To Drop A Comment.


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