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menswear trends at Milan Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week just concluded with headlines dominated by the biggest brands like Louis Vuitton, but before Paris, Milan set the stage with vibrant collections from exciting brands.

From the 100th anniversary of Fendi to another cohesive showing from the prolific duo of Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons at Prada, Milan Fashion Week was a spectacle of innovation and style.

As we anticipate the 2025 menswear collections, we spotted several trends on the Milan runway that are sure to make waves.

Here are some of the top spotted menswear trends at Milan Fashion Week.

Androgyny is here to stay, and now it incorporates work wear in fascinating ways.

After the lockdown, work wear lost its popularity but has been steadily climbing back with new iterations.

The version seen at Milan Fashion Week merges traditional masculine and feminine elements, offering a refreshing take on professional attire.

Think structured blazers paired with skirts or trousers that defy gender norms, creating a versatile wardrobe suitable for any office environment.

Belts are making a significant comeback in 2025. Off the runway, a wide range of eye-catching belts were on display, from big buckle leather belts to slim and trim designs.

This accessory, once considered a mere necessity, is now a statement piece.

Designers showcased belts in various materials and styles, emphasizing their role in adding a final touch of flair to any outfit.

Expect to see belts as a focal point in menswear, accentuating waists and bringing outfits together with bold statements.

Tailored shorts were hard to miss on the runway in Milan. From very short shorts to not-so-short but still short shorts, the goal was clear: show off some legs. This trend is likely to take off even before 2025 as guests at fashion week already made statements by embracing this style.

The tailored shorts varied in fabrics and cuts, providing options for casual and semi-formal settings.

This trend offers a fresh way to stay cool while looking sharp during warmer months.

The summer vibe for 2025 is all about leaving a few buttons open.

Plunging necklines were another trend spotted at Milan, encouraging men not to shy away from showing a little chest.

From V-necks to button-downs, we can expect to see a lot of low necklines in the coming seasons.

This trend brings a relaxed, yet bold, aesthetic to menswear, perfect for making a statement at social gatherings or on casual outings.

As the lines of gender in clothing continue to blur, footwear trends are following suit.

Traditionally feminine flats were seen on the men’s runway in Milan, signaling a trend towards comfort and style that transcends gender norms.

From sleek, minimalist designs to more ornate styles, flats are becoming a staple in menswear.

This trend not only reflects a shift in fashion but also promotes inclusivity and versatility in men’s footwear choices.

There you have it, the spotted menswear trends at Milan Fashion Week. As we look forward to what 2025 has in store, these trends are sure to influence global menswear styles. Stay tuned for our coverage of spotted menswear trends at Paris Fashion Week to keep up with the latest in fashion.


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