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Paris Fashion Week Men’s Spring/Summer 2025 has concluded, leaving us with a plethora of fashion-forward insights and exciting new trends to anticipate. From star-studded shows to iconic designer moments, the week was a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of menswear. Let’s dive into the top menswear trends at Paris fashion week that dominated the runways, offering a glimpse into what men will wear next spring and summer.

Statement Bomber Jackets: A Stylish Shield Against Spring Showers

While spring collections typically evoke thoughts of lighter, breezier attire, the Paris runways made a compelling case for the bomber jacket as an essential piece. But these aren’t your average bombers; this season, it’s all about making a statement. Designers introduced unique prints, bold patterns, and unconventional fabrics like wool to the classic bomber silhouette.

Whether it’s a vibrant floral print or an edgy geometric design, the key is to stand out. Bomber jackets are no longer just for practical warmth; they’re a canvas for artistic expression. As the weather oscillates between cool and warm, a standout bomber jacket will be your best friend, providing both style and comfort.

Short Tops: Redefining Proportions

Traditional styling guidelines emphasize balancing the volume between the top and bottom halves of an outfit. This season, however, the focus was on short tops that stop just above the waistline. This trend is a nod to the playful and daring spirit of the season, challenging conventional proportions and encouraging a more adventurous approach to dressing.

Pairing these short tops with high-waisted trousers or shorts can create a visually striking silhouette, emphasizing the wearer’s height and frame. It’s a trend that not only looks fresh but also feels incredibly modern and forward-thinking.

Shorts and Boots Combo: A Bold Fusion

Spring and summer are synonymous with shorts, but Paris Fashion Week introduced a bold new way to wear them: paired with boots. This unconventional combination brings an edgy twist to warm-weather dressing. Brands showcased various styles, from rugged combat boots to sleek, polished options, all paired with shorts to create a look that’s both functional and fashion-forward.

This trend breaks the traditional seasonal footwear norms and offers a fresh perspective on how to style shorts. It’s a look that exudes confidence and a touch of rebellion, perfect for those looking to make a statement.

Flats: A Gender-Fluid Footwear Trend

The trend of flats, which made waves in Milan, continued to gain traction in Paris. Many brands embraced flat shoes that resemble ballerina slippers, highlighting a move towards gender-fluid fashion. This trend reflects a broader cultural shift towards inclusivity and breaking down traditional gender norms in clothing.

Flats offer a sleek, minimalist aesthetic that pairs well with a variety of outfits, from tailored trousers to casual shorts. Their versatility and comfort make them a practical yet stylish choice for the warmer months.

Mesh and Lightweight Hoodies: Layering for Warm Weather

Who says you have to ditch your beloved hoodie when the temperatures rise? Paris Fashion Week proved that lightweight mesh and breathable fabrics are the perfect solution for spring and summer layering. Designers like Rick Owens and Kenzo showcased hoodies made from light, airy materials that allow for both comfort and style.

These hoodies can be layered over tanks or tees for a casual, streetwear-inspired look or paired with more formal pieces for an unexpected twist. The key is in the fabric: opting for materials that provide ventilation while still adding a layer of interest to your outfit.

What Happened at Paris Fashion Week?

Paris Fashion Week Men’s Spring/Summer 2025 was a showcase of innovation, creativity, and boundary-pushing designs. From statement bomber jackets to gender-fluid flats, the trends highlighted a shift towards individuality, inclusivity, and versatility in menswear.

As we look ahead to what men will wear next spring and summer, these trends offer a roadmap for creating a stylish and contemporary wardrobe. Whether you’re excited about the bold colors and prints, intrigued by the shorts and boots combo, or ready to embrace relaxed tailoring, there’s something for everyone in this season’s offerings.

So, which of the top menswear trends at Paris fashion week are you most excited to try? And which one surprised you the most? Share your thoughts and get ready to step into the future of menswear with confidence and flair!


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