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“Ebenezer” is the theme of the recently released Maxivive Dry/Wet ’24 collection.

the “ethical and fearless urban futurism” brand

as described by the creative director and founzder, Papa Oyeyemi.

took to the great out doors on a farmland in Amsterdam for a truly unique fashion experience.

it was a windy afternoon on Thursday the 13th of July

models strut down the grassy fields of a farm house in the center of the Netherlands

to a tone set by intoxicating live music from Jeangu Macrooy.

the path of the runway was marked by Nigerian and pride flags

with a select audience in attendance.

Maxivive’s aim to celebrate the queer practice of place-making

(i.e the art of creating places and focuses on transforming public spaces

to strengthen the connections between people and these places)

tied well with the non-binary collection from the brand and it’s presentation.

the collection featured very alternative garments worn by the models

both in pairs and individually, as they walked through the windy field.

some of the stand out observations from the collection include; elements of androgyny

peculiar color tones, upcycling processes and gender neutral designs.

the Lagos-based fashion organization continues to re-emphasize

it’s stand for inclusivity, as a blend of Fashion, Art and Activism.

Check out some stills from the presentation below

What are your thoughts on the Maxivive Dry/Wet ’24 collection?

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