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In the landscape of global influence, Africa has proudly stamped its mark yet again on the prestigious TIME 100 list for the year 2024.

TIME, a venerable media institution with a century-old legacy, annually curates a roster of the most influential individuals worldwide.

This year’s selection showcases the continent’s diverse talent and impactful figures,

reaffirming Africa’s pivotal role on the global stage.

here are the Africans in the 2024 times 100 list

1. William Ruto: Kenya’s Political Powerhouse

Leading the pack is William Ruto, the fifth President of Kenya, whose ascent to power in September 2022

marked a significant chapter in the country’s political narrative.

Known for his magnetic oratory and grassroots appeal, Ruto’s journey from humble beginnings

to the highest echelons of power resonates with many across Kenya and beyond.

Despite facing scrutiny over alleged involvement in corruption scandals, Ruto remains a towering figure in Kenyan politics, commanding both admiration and controversy.

2. Frank Mugisha: Advocate for LGBTQ+ Rights in Uganda

From Uganda emerges Frank Mugisha, a beacon of advocacy and resilience in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights.

As the Executive Director of Sexual Minorities Uganda, Mugisha has tirelessly championed equality and justice,

earning accolades such as the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award and the Thorolf Rafto Memorial Prize.

His unwavering dedication to marginalized communities underscores the importance of activism in shaping a more inclusive society.

3. Burna Boy: Nigeria’s Musical Maestro

Nigeria’s cultural juggernaut, Burna Boy, takes center stage as the torchbearer of African music on the global platform.

Following in the footsteps of his predecessors, Burna Boy’s Grammy-winning prowess and electrifying performances have solidified his status as a musical icon. His inclusion in the TIME 100 list not only celebrates his artistic brilliance

but also highlights the cultural resonance of African creativity on the world stage.

4. Siyamthanda “Siya” Kolisi: South Africa’s Rugby Icon

Siyamthanda “Siya” Kolisi, hailing from South Africa, embodies the spirit of resilience and triumph in the realm of sports.

As the captain of the South African national rugby team, Kolisi shattered barriers and made history as the first black African man to lead the Springboks to Rugby World Cup glory in 2019.

His remarkable journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of sport in bridging divides and inspiring change.

5. Kennedy Odede: Kenya’s Social Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

Rounding out the list is Kennedy Odede, a visionary social entrepreneur from Kenya,

whose work has catalyzed change and uplifted communities.

As the co-founder and CEO of Shining Hope for Communities, Odede’s initiatives have garnered international recognition, including the prestigious Echoing Green Fellowship and a coveted spot on Forbes’ under 30 list.

His innovative approach to grassroots development underscores the importance of localized solutions in addressing complex societal challenges.

These remarkable individuals take their place among the TIME 100 honorees, representing Africans in the 2024 Times 100 list of the most influential people in the world.

they not only represent the richness of African talent but also serve as beacons of hope and inspiration for future generations. Their stories transcend borders and barriers, reminding us of the boundless potential that resides within the continent.

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