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Ugo Mozie launches Eleven SIxteen

Ugo Mozie, a multi-talented figure known for his prowess as a celebrity stylist, image director, and filmmaker,

has now etched another milestone in his career by launching his very own luxury brand, “Eleven Sixteen”.

This move signifies Mozie’s evolution into the realm of independent fashion design,

a journey he has been subtly paving since the tender age of 13.

Although this marks his official debut as an independent fashion designer, Mozie’s foray into clothing design is not a recent endeavor.

In the past, he delved into creating his own clothing brand, “Aston Mozie”, in collaboration with Quinn Aston

during their teenage years. While “Aston Mozie” may now be dormant, it served as a precursor to Mozie’s current venture,

showcasing his early passion for fashion design.

Aston Mozie SS13 “Holy Crew” tee

Under the umbrella of the U.M.I.N fashion house, a creative studio collective/production company based in Nigeria,

Mozie’s Eleven Sixteen emerges as a beacon of African luxury. The brand’s inaugural presentation, a 16-look capsule collection, unveiled its distinctive fusion of tradition and innovation on April 9, 2024.

Spearheaded by Mozie as the creative director, the event boasted a formidable team

including executive producer Ifeanyi Nwune and curators “doctor hypnotic” and Hillz Ese Amros (the executive producer of Arise Fashion Week), among others.

The creative team also featured a host of talents and artists, including wavy the creator and Tomi Tribe.

The essence of Eleven Sixteen lies in its commitment to marrying modernity with African heritage.

Mozie’s vision for the debut collection revolves around the convergence of contemporary silhouettes with traditional African detailing.

Elements drawn from the Benin tribe, such as cowries and bronze heads

intertwine seamlessly with influences from Asian black samurai culture, resulting in a collection that exudes global resonance.

(check out some of the looks from the capsule collection below.)

(photo credit: Eleven sixteen on Instagram)

A pivotal aspect of Eleven Sixteen’s ethos lies in its use of indigenous Nigerian fabrics, notably Aso-okè and Adire.

By incorporating these heritage textiles into high-fashion pieces, Mozie and Nwune aim to challenge preconceived notions and elevate the status of local craftsmanship on a global platform.

The debut exhibition was not merely a fashion showcase but an immersive experience celebrating creativity and cultural exchange.

Attendees were treated to live demonstrations of Aso-oke weaving and captivating performances by both local and international artists.

Aso-oke live weaving session

The event, orchestrated by the Imagination agency, left a lasting impression, reflecting Mozie’s vision of creating not just clothing but a cultural movement.

In conclusion, Eleven Sixteen embodies Ugo Mozie’s long-held aspiration to carve his own path in the fashion industry.

With its distinct blend of tradition, innovation, and global influence, the brand marks a significant chapter in Mozie’s journey, affirming his status as a trailblazer in the world of fashion.

As the curtains rise on Eleven Sixteen, Mozie invites us all to embrace his designer era, where cultural heritage takes center stage.

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