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The recent release of the “Sundown in Mars Collection” by Deji & Kola

a distinguished Nigerian bespoke menswear brand, stands as a beacon of creativity and style.

Drawing inspiration from the enigmatic allure of the red planet, this collection transcends the ordinary

weaving together elements of nature, frozen deserts, twilight clouds, and landscapes pierced by meteorites.

all while hinting at a not-so-distant, sci-fi-infused narrative of humanity’s potential future conquest of Mars.

Named after the Roman god of war, the collection embraces the mantra of ‘the wilder, the better,’

exuding a sense of masculinity, confidence, and richness. Through a masterful blend of softness, comfort, and elegance.

Deji & Kola invite fashion enthusiasts into a world where sophistication meets daring.

The color palette of the “Sundown in Mars Collection” is as intense and captivating as the Martian landscape itself.

Dominated by shades of brown, blood red, and black, with occasional flashes of white, each garment tells a story of contrasts and complexities.

From the rich mahogany red to the subtle warmth of brown and the purity of white, every hue evokes a sense of mystery and adventure.

The fabrics are carefully selected to embody the collection’s ethos of luxury and refinement.

Crepe, renowned for its softness and draping qualities, takes center stage in the construction of jackets, offering a silhouette that is simultaneously clean and languid. Faux fur in mahogany red, brown, and white adds texture and depth

while windowpane check and plain wool fabrics infuse a sense of classic elegance.

Founded in 2017 by Ayodeji Adebayo Olabintan and Kolapo Olabintan, Deji & Kola have carved a niche for themselves as pioneers in quality custom-fit menswear.

With Ayodeji serving as the Chief Technology Officer and Kolapo as the Creative Director,

the brand seamlessly merges technology with tradition, resulting in impeccably tailored pieces that cater to a variety of occasions.

From weddings to corporate events, traditional ceremonies to casual outings, Deji & Kola offer a diverse range of apparel designed to suit every discerning gentleman’s needs.

Whether opting for ready-to-wear pieces or bespoke creations, customers can expect nothing less than perfection from this esteemed brand.

Specializing in men’s suits, waistcoats, trousers, agbada, and dashikis, Deji & Kola epitomize the essence of Nigerian craftsmanship, elevating menswear to new heights of sophistication and style.

With its fusion of Martian inspiration, natural elements, and timeless elegance,

this collection is a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence and innovation. So, dare to embrace the extraordinary, and step into a world where style knows no bounds.

Styling – @thestyleinfidel @thestyleinfidelstudios
Art Direction – @badefuwa
Photography- @dreampicturex
Hair – @zubbydefinition
Make up – @casskoncept1
Brand – @dejiandkola @eveandmay_
Model – @bethmodelafrica

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