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Rema slams Dream Ville’s Afrobeat’s reception and says, “This is too messed up, I’m representing Africa, This is too messed up.”

The annual event put together by Dream Ville Records, (a record label founded by the recording artist, rapper, singer and song writer J-Cole)

held at Dorothea Dix Park in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The 2-day event featured headline performances from SZA, Chris Brown, J. Cole, and Niki Minaj for it’s 2024 edition.

it also saw performances from some of Africa’s finest, Amaaree and Rema.

Rema’s performance made headlines at the event, but not for his stellar rendition of his hot single “Soundgasm”

(see below)

during the later part of his performance, Rema struggled with the sound issues on stage until the artist couldn’t take it anymore.

to the surprise of everyone watching he voices out and expresses his dissatisfaction.

“There’s too many sound issues, it’s messing up my whole performance. I’m seriously not feeling this sh#t

the sound cannot be perfect for every other artist but then Africa is in the house and you’re messing sh#t up?

he then proceeds to try finish his performance, but to his dismay and that of the fans the sounds goes completely off

and Rema’s mic stops working, and he proceeds to exist the stage.

(see below)

Rema’s public rebuke was not the only viral headline from the Dream Ville fest however, as the Man-of-the Hour artist J-Cole

(who has recently been roped into a hip-pop feud between himself, drake and Kendrick Lamar.

after the later took shots at both J-Cole and Drake on his verse on the hit single “Like That” with Future.)

released a spontaneous body of work that contained diss tracks replying to Kendrick Lamar.

titled “Might delete later’ J.Cole openly apologized to releasing the diss tracks and feels the need

to take it down from all streaming platforms.

This apology came as a huge shock to many, as a lot of people did not really see this coming.

they “expected blood” as Nigerian’s would say, and commentary on social media has been very interesting regarding this topic.

mostly humorous, but it’s just quite interesting to see societies expectations and pressure on public figures at play on such a grand scheme.

(see the apology below)

What do you think about how Rema slams Dream Ville’s Afrobeat’s reception ?

did he have to bring Africa into it? was it egotistic?

how about J.cole’s apology? do you think he was a coward for doing that on Dream Ville stage?

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