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Niyi Okeowo, the visionary chief design officer at Trill Digital,

has become a pivotal force in Nigeria’s creative landscape, leaving an indelible mark

through his expansive work in art direction, graphic design, animation, VR, photography, and branding.

With notable contributions to brands like Ashluxe, Native Magazine,

and impactful collaborations with artists like Fireboy, Ladipoe, and Show Dem Camp,

Okeowo has earned the title of Nigeria’s biggest art director.

What sets Niyi okeowo apart is not just his impressive portfolio but also his commitment to mentorship.

In a candid interview with Korty EO, he shared his journey from overcoming academic struggles

to completing his mass communication degree at Covenant University.

Niyi’s story serves as an inspiration, embodying the idea that aspiring young creatives

can overcome challenges and succeed in the industry.

As the driving force behind Trill Digital, Niyi’s leadership has propelled the company

to new heights in branding and art direction.

His mentorship ideology extends beyond the workplace.

as he actively encourages young talents to believe in their potential,

creating a ripple effect that transforms aspirations into tangible achievements.

Beyond client work, Niyi invests his energy in groundbreaking projects such as the “Sunflower Department.”

an experimental garment design brand, which unveiled its inaugural collaboration with David Blackmoore.

Additionally, “Hellomrcolor,” Niyi’s digital portfolio of predominantly 3D projects

showcases his commitment to pushing creative boundaries.

In essence, Niyi Okeowo’s impact in recent years is not merely defined by his professional achievements

but by his dedication to fostering the next generation of creatives.

Through his mentorship ideology,

He is sowing the seeds of inspiration, encouraging young minds to dream big and pursue their passions.

As Nigeria’s foremost art director, Niyi is not only shaping the visual landscape

but also empowering others to follow in his innovative footsteps.

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