Can we consider TG Omori a fashion icon?

as a music video director, filmmaker and cinematographer. Thank-god ‘TG’ Omori, has cemented his name as a force to be reckoned with.

he became the youngest film maker in Nigeria at just 18 years of age.

he hasn’t looked back since then. from receiving back to back awards, to being responsible for half of the hit music videos almost every other year.

TG Omori can’t seem to have enough.

But what about his sense of style?

awards won by TG Omori

After working with a countless number of stars. TG omori or “boy director” as he is fondly called. he has successfully built up an image for himself.

The same goes for his sense of style.

looking back we cannot say TG’s style was as unique as it is now. but ever since he has been able to afford his now elevated wardrobe. he has consistently served memorable looks.

although he does not always take the credit. TG has also assisted in the styling of some of his music videos over the years.

most recently, TG has been involved with the fashion world.

He modeled for I.N official F/W 2023 collection during Lagos fashion week in February. TG was seen strutting down the runway along side the likes of Odunsi the engine, and Naomi Campbell

The 14th collection from the brand (crude matrix 2). was as a follow up to their previous collection “crude matrix FW 2022“.

Even with his current range style-wise.

TG Omori’s style looks like it is only going to evolve and get better.

soon enough, he will definitely be considered as one of the most stylish men in the Nigerian entertainment industry. (that is if he already isn’t)

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