With the year coming to an end, we cannot help but hash over some of the most stylish and voguish looks from our favourite Nigerian celebrities. At various red carpets and fashion events, our faves and fashion icons graced us with varying degrees of drip, panache and glam.

Overall, 2022 can easily be marked as a prolific year in the evolution of Nigerian fashion. Nigeria is witnessing a rise of contemporary designers who are exploring a much wider spectrum of designs. From trend-setting traditional looks to more modern tailored pieces, these contemporary Nigerian designers are taking the style scene by storm.

While considering our most stylish Nigerian men, we had to reckon men who know how to mix classic pieces with modern trends and who know how to express themselves through their clothing choices. Men who explore the unique identities and styles that make up Nigerian culture. Whether they choose bright colours or muted tones, sharp lines or relaxed fits, these fashion-forward men certainly stand out from the crowd!

In no particular order, we compiled a list of 10 most stylish Nigerian men of 2022, based on their unique sense of fashion and overall style. From musicians to designers to actors, here are some of the most stylish Nigerians in 2022:

  1. OZIC

Ozic is the Creative Director and founder of W.I.L.O, an eponym for ‘Wear it like Ozic.’ He is one of Nigeria’s leading designers in urban and streetwear culture. However, the self-styled designer adopts a style that is radically distinct, striking and more eccentric! unflaggingly capturing the attention of admirers and spectators.


Creative director and alter-ego of fashion brand Orange Culture, Adebayo Oke Lawal is an epitome of the atypical androgynous subculture. As a major proponent of androgynous fashion in Nigeria, his personal style is reflective of his support for gender-neutral clothing. Added to his sensational style, the designer exudes a confidence that is downright admirable.


Akin Faminu is a lifestyle content creator and what I would like to call a friend of the runway. He is a perfect example of a ‘classic man’. He maintains an exquisite style that accentuates elaborate and intricate detailing. Fun Fact: Akin Faminu is a practicing medical doctor.


The ‘Chief of style’ as he calls himself is undoubtedly one of Nigeria’s sterling fashionistas. Like his brand Culturedbyugo, Ugo redefines streetwear/menswear with an infusion of outré opulence and class. His international reach and recognition gives credence to his expressive and voguish fashion style.


Media Personality Denola Grey is a high fashion enthusiast with a knack for trend-setting outfits. Whether donned in formal, traditional or casual attire, Grey consistently and effortlessly puts together an exquisite ensemble. Grey continues to take his game up a notch with every opportunity he gets. He indeed can never be caught unfresh!


With his unique sound and daring fashion style, Mr. Money is sure making waves at the moment. Mr. Money has proved that beyond a sensational outfit, the confidence of the wearer is as important. Famed for his baggy pants and shoes, the singer seems to have reinvented the classic Hip/hop look from the 90’s. Indeed, Mr. Money is a man “with the vibe!”


We read your mind with this one right? Lol! Ebuka is without doubt a trend-setter. The TV host and presenter has warmed his way into all hearts with his dainty and snazzy outfits. He is indeed every Nigerian designer’s choice model. Whether from his numerous appearances as the host of the Big Brother Naija show or other public appearances, Ebuka always manages to steal the spotlight. Some of his prominent designers are Atafo, Deco D29, Ugo Monye amongst others.


The Afrobeats singer and songwriter has evolved to be one of Nigeria’s most fashionable men. In his earlier years, the singer was mostly seen to appear in African print fabric. The singer has however transformed his style and carved a niche and created an identity in casual streetwear designs.

Perhaps due to the ‘gold’ in his name (LOL), the singer successfully explores a range of colours in outfits.

AG Baby!


Burna Boy sure knows how to get our attention. The artiste adopts a rather edgy and eccentric outlook. As an artist, he expresses himself through his distinct music and non-conformist dressing. The ‘African Giant’ appears to have a flair for matching garbs tailored from a miscellany of colour schemes and patterns.  Also interesting is the fact that the singer is styled by his sister Ronami Ogulu.

The African Giant standing ‘Twice as tall’


Wrapping up our list of top 10 most stylish Nigerian men of 2022 is the one and only Manchala.

There aren’t so many celebrities that can better Wizkid or ‘Big Wiz’ in the elite streetwear game. The crooner has mastered the craft of pulling off simple yet sophisticated looks. Big Wiz’ style perfectly synergizes comfort and opulence.  Karen Binns, the singer’s creative director and stylist had this to say, “His style shows his exposure… he’s into luxury because he deserves it.”

Wizkid’s style literally screams “No Stress!!!”

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