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Ekpo’s summer festival guide

Summer is a peak time for so many outdoor activities. From beach picnics, food festivals, music festivals, block parties, and vendor’s showcases.

The list goes on and on. 

That said, here are a few tips that will certainly help you out for your next summer festival. PS: This does not apply to a fashion festival. 

You have to get there as soon as you can. To get a good parking space or a great seat.

In cases of a food fest and vendor showcase, getting there on time guarantees you get the goodies before they all sell out.

“African time” is huge problem in Africa, and we seem to have embraced the idea that we need to show up super late to events

it doesn’t always shave to be that way.

 We all love taking great pictures for the camera and for memories.

You should pack a spare battery for your camera and a power bank for your phone, so you get to capture all the timeless moments at the event.

you also don’t wanted to be stranded at the end pf the day when it’s time to head home and your phone’s dead

trust me, been there done that and I do not recommend.

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Don’t misconstrue the word ‘comfortable’ for ‘dowdy’.

Festival or not, shoes always need to be stylish so be conscious of what you are wearing on your feet for the long day ahead.

White or black sneakers have emerged as the go-to casual shoe and are perfect for versatility and comfort.

putting on a pair of boots or platform shoes might be setting yourself up for a very tough time.

Instead of diving heads first to the first vendor’s stall you see, map out a game plan by surveying the whole event and prioritizing.

Figure out what you really want. trust me, you know that moment when you finally find something really nice

five stalls away from where you spent all your money on things you might not really need? Yeah, a game plan will help avoid that. 

 The sun is crazy hot this time of the year. well, its summer, and we expect nothing less.

Have some chilled, bottled water by your side. Don’t drink too much because of bathroom troubles, lol.

But drink just enough to avoid passing out.

 A crowded food or sales event is not a place to make a fashion statement.

You’re hot, stuck in a crowed and probably eating way too much food, going through clothes, or standing and cheering the artist on stage.

So wear cool, comfortable clothing. 

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Get a pair of sunglasses. They will be a lifesaver when you’ve been out in the sun all day.  

You absolutely need headwear. If you are after something simple and bold, the obvious choice should be a face cap.

Then, for more glam, go for a hat. Protect your face from the sun. Remember, many events don’t have enough shady spots.

A trusty backpack is a necessity for festival endeavors. You will want light styles, with an appropriate amount of room for your supplies.

You also want to sling it conveniently over your shoulders without fear of losing any of your contents.

If you are bringing a camera, ensure that you have a durable case that you can put it in, even when it is in your backpack.

Lastly, if you are with friends, have a meeting time and place. Remember where you parked your car.

there you have it, folks, our summer festival guide. what do you think we left out?


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