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We’ve put together a list of Nigerian Albums we are excited for in 2024.

These are in no way the only relevant albums released (or to be released) in 2024 by Nigerian artists, but these projects have undeniably caught the attention of many worldwide.
Every year has been better than the last over the last 6 years for African artists, Nigerian artists, and Afrobeats as a whole.

But we wouldn’t dare try to classify the creative prowess of any of these artists in this category, as they have openly shunned any form of genre restriction. Perhaps no one in this category would subscribe to being called “Afrobeats” artists.

Wizkid even went as far as saying he’s not “Afro-anything”, during a rant on his Instagram story earlier this year.

Other artists may have gone that far, but it’s very clear that they hate the idea of genre restrictions.

The award shows are picking up the memo, with the likes of BET and THE GRAMMY’s, nominating African artists in categories they have previously been segregated from. That being said, let’s highlight some of the most exciting musical projects from Nigerian artists in 2024.

For her sophomore studio album, titled “The Year I Turned 21,” the celestial being releases her highly anticipated project, filled with a wonderful display of her sonic maturity and literal coming of age. Followed by a viral campaign, the packed 15-song, 40-minute body of work, features acts from Seyi Vibes, Asake, Milar, Gideon, Coco Jones, and others. With smooth transitions, infectious flow, and an undeniable aura, Ayra glides over the tracks to the delight of her fans worldwide. The album gained over 6 million first-day streams on Spotify alone.

What a time to be alive for female African artists. Tems has been ahead of the game for a while now, but this year saw our African queens soar to new heights, with the South African breakthrough global sensation “Tyla” leading the charts. Tems isn’t far behind, aside being nominated for video director of the year at the 2024 BET’s, she is set to make headlines once more with the release of her highly anticipated album “Born in the wild”. Her first full length album is poised to shake the world. Featuring only Askae and J.Cole, she has us all under her spell, with her one-in-a million vocals and stardom persona.

Award-winning super star, record breaker, and most recently, cyber bully. Wizkid has many personalities but being a don has always been constant. After his recent back-and-forth squabble with fellow Nigerian superstar “Davido” on X, the essence singer announced an upcoming project dedicated to his mother to be released soon titled “morayo”. Prior to the online beef, Wizkid had made subtle nudges to the project, but it had now been confirmed In a video with the artist speaking about the project. There is no confirmed release date or track list for “Morayo” and given wizkid’s previous track record, we might want to take morayo’s 2024 release with a pinch of salt.

Que is the leader of the stubborn FC. If you’ve been paying close attention to the Nigerian Afro fusion scene, it’ll be hard to miss the presence of this extremely talented singer/songwriter. His critically acclaimed single “Soweto” put him in the global spotlight and he doesn’t look like backing down any time soon. Fresh from the release of his single with Asake, “Stubborn,” we witness the artist rebrand himself for the roll-out of the album, also called “Stubborn.”. The leader of the outlaws, embraces a medieval grudge persona for this era, and we are very excited for the evolution of his unique sound.

Last but not least, omah lay. With a sound that some fans have termed “Afro emo”, omah lay is set to explore his sound even more with his upcoming project. There is very little information on the project, and there is no confirmed name for it, but It has been confirmed by the artist that his last single, “Holy Ghost,” is off the project.


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