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Over time, we have seen Rema’s style evolve

gradually but consistently.

from the e-boy inspired freestyler

who went on to drop his debut self titled EP in 2019.

to the raging king of the ravers

who currently has the highest charting Afrobeats song of all time.

we’ll take a look at some of his distinct style features over the years

and some of our favorite looks from the extremely versatile Afro popstar.

2019 Braided Dreads Rema

Rema has definitely always been a stylish person.

but this version of Rema was still very experimental and he hadn’t really come into his own.

he was still the adorable, very talented young kid with insane trap and afro pop freestyles

who had just gotten signed to Jonzing world under Mavin records.

cross bags/chest rigs/fanny packs

chains on the hair an neck, baggy fits and short pants.

these were some of the distinct features of Rema’s style during this period.

Pre-Album Rema

Slowly but surely, Rema grows more confident in his style

he’s in a new dimension now, literally.

the song with Skepta and JAE5 dropped during this period

along with a couple of bangers as he gears up to release his debut album.

a new haircut, two-piece outfits, shirtless styling

selected expensive-looking accessories and some mono chromatic looks

were some of the features that defined this era.

Post-Album Rema

This current version of Rema

is just a build-up on the previous version.

he is more confident than ever

in his skin and in his style.

we’re seeing him experiment more

with designer and high-end pieces.

occasional neck ties, more shirtless styling

tank tops, signature face masks and beanies/head gear

are reoccurring themes of this current era.

the Afro-pop superstar has fully embraced a rave-core aesthetic

Rema has definitely evolved style-wise

it’s interesting to see where he takes it from here.

Ravage Rema

This version of Rema, (named after his Ravage EP)

unlocks a new look for the Nigerian Afro-fusion star.

He embraces a more refined street-style look

featuring a bold new hairdo and trademark jewelry.
This era is particularly trademarked by his controversial O2 performance.
We should honestly expect nothing but theatrics from a Rave Lorde.
But as it turns out, wearing a mask and mounting a stationary horse

for a stage performance, will only get you “demonic” and “satanic” allegations.

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