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For the purpose all things growth and personal development, here are 17 things we feel one should do more often for a better and peaceful life.

  • Drink More Water,eat more vegetables (salads are the best) – this helps you stay skin tone fresh,gives energy,Fibre and aids circulation in the body. need i say more? By the way salads are tasty, SO WHY NOT! and if you smoke, you’ll definitely be needing this WATER & VEGE therapy a whole lot more. ( research shows water and salads keep your skin looking fresh)
  • Eat well Eat Good, stay healthy,Exercise more
  • Talk less, listen more – less words more action – because people are attracted to people who say something and do it, not just talk talk talk of their amazing ideas all day
  • Spend  quality time with family and friends, making memories cuz truly and honestly life is short
  • Live life with a purpose, have an outlined objective and goals,working tirelessly to achieve them, cuz if there is no purpose then there is no life
  • More meaningful engagement less Non-meaningful engagement – your getting old time waits for no one
  • Use least 8-10 hours of each day to build toward your goals or something your developing.
  • Forgive and try your best to forget, even though we know forgiving is easy but forgetting is so F’íng hard.just let the past go so we can look at the future.
  • Try your best to avoid cheap gossip and always wish people well and stay supportive of people you fuck with, totally avoiding people you dont F with,but still wishing them well.
  • identify things,people,situations in your life that cause you problems and work tirelessly to eliminate such situations
  • Travel more often-travel travel travel the world,especially when you can – one can never overemphasise how important Traveling is – traveling expands your horizons, empowers you to believe in yourself and take on new challenges, an example of this was my first trip to Lagos Nigeria for fashion week, the energy i felt been there and meeting people inspired me to create this brand EKPO
  • Be open,don’t judge others, be eager to learn rather than disregard things you dont understand or are new too after all,we are different beings
  • Read more often- truly no knowledge is lost. research and read things that you are most passionate about,that way reading gets really fun. you mustn’t read a mighty novel,a fun magazine or brief research will do – you gotta grow that vocabulary after all
  • take more risks, be more adventurous – cuz life begins at the end of your comfort zone
  • You like,feel,admire or cant get enough of someone or something then speak up, greet the person or simply say Hi.never be afraid to say how you feel #SPEAKUP or youll forever be crying in your shell
  • live your youthful age properly by: investing in yourself so that years ahead you wouldn’t have used your whole time developing another persons idea when you could’ve done that for yourself
  • Believe in something. Christian Muslim traditional worshiper or whatsoever, truth is theres a superior force guiding and looking over our life and you just gotta believe. the earlier you try your best to get closer to God, i can bet you,you start achieving your goals faster.



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