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Image By IdleMan

“Summer Is Here”

It’s summer again! The weather is hotter, the girls are glowing and showing more skin, it’s time to shed away all those layers of clothes and get aquatinted with the men’s wear biggest tends this Summer.

     There should always be space in your Rolodex of clothing options for the latest summer trends. But then again, if there’s no space? Then bag all the winter outfits, ditch your coats, because is going to be summer for a long time and your wardrobe is due for a much needed warm weather-ready refresh with the latest summer trends. I bet you can’t wait to give that bare chest some sun. This season, we welcome the return of some reliable favorites, like revere collard shirts and leather sandals (no complaints here), but there are also tons of great newbies to try.

          So whether you are a heavy dresser, a laidback dresser, a go with the flow kind of dresser, or you take fashion style trend from the likes of Hushpuppy or Ebuka. We have compiled the ultimate list for you to slay this summer. (Yes guys Slay too) 

*Revere Collard Shirts

Revered collard shirts (Cuban shirt) shirts got a whole lot more interesting. It’s all about pleats, patterns, polka dots, floral. You just name it. Paired with jeans, shorts, whichever you choose and you are good to go. Perfect for that beach date, or outing with the guys.  This season, the vibrant patterns of a lightweight collard shirt are perfect for bringing some flair to your look. whether you are heading for a concert or just out with the guys for beer, these colorful tops are going to be everywhere this season. Thankfully, you are able to style it with almost anything.

*You Need Yourself Some SHORT-SHORTS

Tiny bum-skimmers were all over the runways this season. Every season, shorts can never seem to stick to a hem length. Well, this time, designers are choosing shorts that fall a few inches below the knee, and way above the knee (shorts short) Key styles feature abstract patterns or sporty bold colors with a relaxed fit for everyday wear. Shorts are casual, so the shirt should be too while styling. Don’t wear a long-sleeved, button front, collared shirt with shorts. Even with the sleeves rolled up its too much of a stylistic mix and match. Collared short-sleeve shirts are usually the best choice or a shirt as seen in the picture above. (swag boys only btw)

*Sandals Is Now A THING!

When it comes to men’s sandals, there are many options to choose from, starting with casual flip-flops and including smarter leather styles to Beach sandals, hiking sandals, etc. To master the laid-back look, you will need to feel comfortable and make it through the day blister and limp free. Hey, that’s what’s Summer is all about being free. Sandals can be worn with anything, from your Ankara to lace to jeans even Suits {yes! I said it. Google it}.

*Statement Shirts

 Hello! It is 2019 and everyone is all up in their feelings and love to share their opinions. So got something you want to say? Let your shirt do all the backtalk with this season’s statement shirt trend. These shirts can b

Political, Funny, Sarcastic, Empowering or they can get super weird, as modelled by Gucci’s “Future” shirt. They can also feature wild prints, creating statements that make absolutely zero sense, like the “pineapple and horn “shirt by Dolce & Gabbana.       


When it comes to Summer fashion, don’t sweat it just relax and Keep it lightweight and functional, but don’t sacrifice aesthetics. It’s the perfect time to experiment because many of your peers probably aren’t going to bother trying. Always make use of accessories like wrist bands, watches, hats, sunglasses (you need to protect your eyes from the burning sun) bags, man purse. These accessories are all must have. 

But Men Purse’s and Bag’s Seem to be the In-thing this summer



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