‘A Quint Quiet Café’ photographed by @MrAnye


Expectations. Cannot live up to them, cannot live without them, either. For the debut of #EKPOEATS we had the opportunity to tryQ CAFE to check out what the Café has to offer after a sparkling debuthere that ended as quickly as it began.The dynamism in the menu was something to behold.


                 waffles,mini sliders and array of lemonades, we tried it all!

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Located in Tapeta Street, Maitama Abuja, The Quint Quiet Café has this wide array of menu of different foods ranging from burgers to waffles to even fresh mint lemonade moc tails. You can order a range so as to compare the intricacies of each item.

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It also serves as a workplace and cafe giving you this ‘out of the country’ feel while you’re at it. It is classy in a comfortable way, with just enough luxe to tell you it is a place with serious food, but not formal enough to merit anything beyond smart casual wear. The sort-of conservation building that it is in also gives it a residential feel and ‘relaxed’ is an understatement for the mood.

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okay,this cinnamon rolls actually did taste so good!


                I have my stars to thank for making me discover another hidden gem.


      Why don’t you give it a shot and get a feel of this?

Our Rating: 8/10 #EKPOEATS


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