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Tiwa Savage, the celebrated Nigerian songstress known for her powerhouse vocals and dynamic stage presence, has expanded her artistic repertoire with the release of her debut movie, “Water and Garri.”

We delve into the intricacies of this much-anticipated film, uncovering its origins, inspirations, storyline, cast, and cinematic achievements.

put together by the queen of afro-beats.

The Genesis of “Water and Garri”

Named after Tiwa Savage’s 2021 EP, “Water and Garri” marks a significant milestone in her career

as she steps into the roles of both executive director and lead actor.

Directed by Meji Alabi, renowned for his expertise in crafting captivating music videos

the film represents a departure from his previous ventures into the realm of full-length features.

Inspired by the likes of Beyoncé’s “Black is King” and Kanye West’s cinematic endeavors

Tiwa Savage embarked on this project with a vision to challenge herself creatively.

Originally conceived as a short film, the narrative soon evolved into a compelling full-length movie

fueled by Tiwa’s desire to explore new horizons and embrace the thrill of uncertainty.

The Essence of “Water and Garri”

At its core, “Water and Garri” chronicles the journey of Aisha, portrayed by Tiwa Savage herself

as she navigates the complexities of identity, love, and destiny. Returning to her hometown of Eastside following a tragic loss,

Aisha grapples with the ghosts of her past while forging new connections and rediscovering old flames.

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Cape Coast, Ghana, the film immerses viewers in a visual tapestry of rich landscapes and emotive storytelling.

From the bustling streets to the serene coastlines, each frame captures the essence of Aisha’s quest for self-discovery with breathtaking precision.

The Cast and Crew

In addition to Tiwa Savage’s commanding presence as Aisha, “Water and Garri”

boasts a talented ensemble cast, including Mike Afolarin, Andrew Bunting as Kay, and Jemima Osunde.

Together, they breathe life into a diverse array of characters, each contributing to the tapestry of Eastside’s vibrant community.

The Premiere and Beyond

Following months of anticipation, “Water and Garri” made its debut on Prime Video on May 10th, 2024,

inviting audiences worldwide to experience its magic firsthand.

Prior to its release, a pre-launch press conference held at the Livespot Entertainment Centre in Lagos

set the stage for the film’s arrival, generating buzz and excitement among fans and critics alike.

The movie water and Garri continues to captivate audiences with its compelling narrative and stunning visuals,

earning it a top 10 spot in 14 different countries on prime, including number one position in Ghana, Nigeria and cameroon

Tiwa Savage’s foray into the world of cinema serves as a testament to her boundless creativity and unwavering passion for storytelling.

With its blend of romance, intrigue, and heartfelt emotion, this cinematic masterpiece invites viewers on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

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