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Wuddup People!

I know you guys are having an amazing week already, but pardon me to add some more amazement to this week (should I ?…..hehe! Thanks Guys).

So with 25th around corner I and Damilola Faniyi, fellow style blogger (dfstylehub) came up with this fantastic collaborative idea to do a Festive post together to keep you guys in the festive spirit & also to say a big thank you for the amazing support,Gracias!

For the shoot who else could we tap to capture all the fashionable moments than the talented & amazing Nicole Adehi of Valeo Photography (@nicoleadehi_valeo)-S/O to My Nigga !!

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I and dami decided to take on red since we are in the spirit of Christmas & trust your boy Ekpo………I TOOK RED TO THE STREETS BABY!

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For this shoot i decided to go for a full suit(from Emerging Nigerian Menswear Brand Dámì)but still giving it that very young and vibrant twist – I mean am still a young bobo nah!

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Paired the full suit with a sheer stripped shirt,accessorizing with a bull head brooch and a pair of sunglasses- you see how i didn’t use pocket square #lessismore

Photo 2

In the spirit of the festive season i decided to switch up  my shades game,what other time to make such statements.

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And lastly brought the whole look together by pairing it with my favourite sneakers right now – Adidas Stan Smith

Photo 4

Oh! Theres Damie 🙂 Looking like a bag of Money!

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Damilola is a fellow style blogger with fantastic writing skills( i must give that to you),check out her blog here

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Shout Out To The Dámì Brand(Instagram:@royan025, @dammie1904)  For lending me this suit,its about time it gets returned 🙂

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Thanks For Stoping By Guys,we would love to hear your thoughts

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year In Advance

From Ekpo X Damie

Outfit Details:

Suit : Dámì

Sheer Stripped Shirt: Asos

Brooch: Amazon

Glasses: Asos

Sneakers : Stan Smith

Damie’s Outfit Details:

Hat: stolen from Lily

Camisole: Jumia Fashion

Cullottes: Shop Maju

Blazer: Mizra

Shoes: Dollhouse

Bag: Primark

Necklace: Mango


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