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In the world we leave in today, almost everyone is obsessed with image, looks,fashion and all that. but we also can agree, keeping up can be some heavy tax especially with the ever changing fashion trends.and realistically buying every new it-fashion item can become daunting on your income… me I’ve been down there #CONFESSIONSOFANIGERIANSHOPALIC.

Just so we can save up some cash and still look striking when we step out, we’ve come up with few tips for looking like rockstar with the budget of a pauper #justkiddin

  • Invest in statement pieces not trendy, remember those fashion items we use to go mad for when dropped, now think today. are those items still relevant ? chances are the trends are old and passed away. so why spend the big box on something that will be useless after a period of time rather than useful for a longer period, #spendwisely invest more in wardrobe essentials/staples e.g classic white sneakers, statement loafers, signature baseball cap. this tip may not be for everyone cause we are all guilty of indulging in the trending activities and if you must shop trendy, then shop trendy on sales!
  • Shop On Sales, this is one of the best ways to stay stylish on a budget, in-fact I can confess this has been my hack for years now. All items go on sale, be it trendy or not…its gotta go baby!!!  and this could be your opportunity to grab that item. another addition is to do your research before buying items. if shop A sells this trendy piece at this price chances are you could get the same kind of item at SHOP B at a lesser price, you just have to do your freaking research people.
  • Don’t give it out for free, Swap or Sell it, when next a friend asks you to give them one of your stylish pieces, don’t just wave them off, rather offer to sell it to them or counter ask them for one of their own pieces you are interested in. That Way Everybody Goes Home Smiling with new goodies in the bag!

You Could even host your own Clothing Swap Party!!!



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