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The Waf x Dakotas Collab is the height of authentic African streetwear

and we will tell you why.

waf. short for WAFFLESNCREAM

is the very first Nigerian Skate-brand

and is undoubtedly a pioneer in the Nigerian

and African streetwear scene.

serving as hub for skate culture and extreme sports

in the west African region.

Waf has gone on to be recognized for

their ever growing community,

support of youth culture, and innovation in

pushing the African skate culture.

as they expand

Waf have stayed true to their roots

constantly trying to represent

Nigerian and African Skaters.

the brand has had several collaborations

with other street wear and street culture brands

like street souk, quack tails, Patta and Stussy

to name a few.

and just like Waf.

Dakotas is also Committed to genuine representation

The South African shoe brand

has been in existence for over 40 years

with the sole mission (pun intended)

of “making the best possible shoe for the purpose in which it will be used.”

prioritizing on comfort, durability, quality and style

Dakotas make bold to say those who wear the brand

are south African to the core.

the brand has been around for a pretty long time

and isn’t concerned with nostalgia for nostalgia’s sake

but as a testament that a true Original is always in demand.


For the Collab, the two indigenous brands

teamed up to deliver the Waf. Dakotas

a Heriatge classic Hi shine loafer

with a matte white leather upper.

it features the “WAF” branding debossed on the side of the shoe

on the in-sole and on the box.

The first shoe offering from the Nigerian brand

comes in 4 color ways

black, brown, indigo blue and forest green.

it doesn’t get much better than this

two African brands

(not just by location, but by representation)

teaming up on a classic footwear staple

to once again make a resounding claim that

“African fashion can compete with the rest of the world

while staying true to tradition an heritage”

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