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Jermaine Bleu Fall/Winter “23 Wild Hearts”

Ghanaian fashion brand jermaine bleu was founded in 2016 by Jason Jermaine Asiedu

Jermaine Bleu’s effortlessly elegant, highly wearable garments can be characterized by their designer’s signature use of crepe and silk fabrics.

Initially inspired to go into fashion by his seamstress mother

Asiedu draws upon his Ghanian heritage and culture to create collections that impart an air of considered minimalism.

His collections epitomize this spirit, featuring details like high contrast hues

original patterning and batik prints applied by skilled local artisans.

In “Wild Hearts,” their fall/winter 23 collection

Jermaine Bleu draws inspiration from the raw, untouched beauty of the wilderness

intertwining it with the brand’s signature urban edge.

Each piece in this collection speaks to the fearless souls who dare to venture beyond the ordinary and embrace their inner wildness.

From rich earthy tones that evoke autumnal landscapes to innovative silhouettes that defy expectations

“Wild Hearts” is an embodiment of unapologetic self-expression.

Jermaine Bleu’s latest collection reimagines fashion as a canvas for personal stories

a conduit for daring adventures, and a celebration of the untamed spirit within us all.

check out looks from the “wild hearts collection below

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