NOLA BLACK :Musings and Gold Echoes

A visual project from Nola Black: Musings and Gold Echoes

An editorial inspired by old thoughts of a younger self, the envisioned idea of what older looked like in our jejune minds. The visuals capture the eccentricities of a young mind’s imagination – showing a grown Lagos girl, exaggeratedly clad in gold, styled maximally, daring to be her freest, uninhibited self regardless of her mundane environment. Trees, shade, kiosks, everyday people and movement make up the elements of this location, echoing the memories & backdrop of these starry-eyed thoughts and depicting the ordinariness surrounding.

Brand: Nola Black @nolablackng
Creative Director: Arinola Olowoporoku @arin_nolablack
Photography: Emmanuel Andino @king_andino
Editing: Arinola Olowoporoku @arin_nolablack

Model: Ebube Israel @bubeisrael

Projects: Ifedayo Olowoporoku @ifedayo_
Location: Ilupeju, Lagos Nigeria 


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