Generally, retailers play a major role in the sustainability and expansion of any business or product. These units, individuals or companies occupy an important position in the fashion supply chain, acting as the intermediary between designers and the last end users.

       These retailers offer a wide range of products and are often in direct contact with a vast network of suppliers and customers. This gives them an opportunity to influence several target markets.

       Nigeria’s Streetwear scene is steadily making a climb judging by how much attention it has received in recent times, also we have seen the birth of several brilliant brands all coming with distinct orientation and direction. Fashion in Nigeria has always been a “one-man show” due to the lack of structure put in place for fashion innovators to thrive well, thus creating a bulk of responsibilities for brand owners. This retail void in the supply chain is a limiting factor considering how much impact it can have on the culture. With the steady progress of the Streetwear culture in Nigeria, there is need for sustainability of these brands. 

       A major benefit of having functioning retailers is that it helps put these local brands in front of a bigger audience, creating publicity for them and boosting sales. Retailers in this space include every local store or boutique selling various foreign products both online and in physical stores. Multiple individuals have intelligently utilized social media, aiding brand exposure exponentially, which is a good thing (more eyes on posted local products). 

Retailers play a vital role in getting customers feedback, this is a vital information needed by the designers. Crucial information on products, experience of customers after purchase of products, feedback on quality of products, all these passed on to the designers/manufacturers through retailers. They act as a channel to distribute products to customers, the active involvement of these units will help boost engagement towards brands. The influence of having functioning retailers in the Nigeria’s Streetwear scene will help create a stronger link, increase sales of local products and develop the culture.

        It really is a “by us, for us” situation. It is a call of intent to join in the front line our local products, this push will help change the narrative about purchasing local items. This will improve the production cycle and expand the Streetwear community, making various range of local products available to the public.

curated by Oriolowo Taiwo (@king6ix4our)


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