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Photo 10
                           From L-R: Cassie Daves, Ekpo, Uju, Akin Faminu, Tuke Morgan, Ifeanyi Okafor jr (Click on each name to redirect to their blog)


“Its officially the season of love” and to prove to you guys the amount of love I got for you (Guys #nohomo but for the ladies YES I do love you wink) for constantly stopping by to read my posts, I have collaborated with five other fashion & style bloggers to bring you something extra special this season of love.

But before I go ahead I must give credit were credit is due.

  •  Big shout to Photographer Extraordinaire Amah Afadameh not just for the pictures & time he devoted to us but for bringing our outfits to life (instagram: amanoshokunu)
  •  I also can’t go ahead without giving a heavy shout out to CAFÉ NEO (Instagram: MYCAFENEO) for hosting us,amazing place i must add.
Photo 18

So now we are safe to proceed…………

Last weekend I was opportune to shoot with five of the most amazing bloggers in the Nigerian blogosphere right now! I mean from Cassie Daves,Akin Faminu to Tuke Morgan.

Photo 9

                                “Aint I one lucky nigga to be sitting in that room #wash” 

The idea behind this collaborative shoot was obviously Valentine & it wouldn’t have made any sense if I weren’t paired with a potential boo,so guys meet my boo the ever-welcoming Uju of looking effortlessly banging in red.

Hello Uju :)
Hello Uju 🙂

i must say apart from how good she looks in this picture,she’s also a sweet and down to earth lady with impeccable hosting skills.

Photo 14
Photo 12
Ello Bae 🙂

For My Outfit i went for the classic black and white with statement velvet tassel loafers,to go with my BAE’S outfit (YES! its that simple)

Photo 7
Gosh! i really need to start smiling, NA FIGHT?

Anyone whose familiar with me knows my style is all about ” SIMPLICITY AND STATEMENTS” andsince it was a Vals day inspired shoot,it only made sense i go for something i could advice a guy to wear on a date. Remember i gave some styling tips for valentine’s day HERE (so i gats Follow am).

Photo 3
also accessorized minimally with few rings,bracelets and lets not forget my shades, o! yeah a lapel pin too to give that black and white some attitude
Photo 4
“Na Vez! Na Photographer tell me make i pose like this”

Thanks For Stopping By Guys and remember i love you so much,until the day you stop reading this blog/online magazine ( i go carry my love waka,you think say na FREE)#YIMU .

Photo 11

Have A Fantastic 14th From Ekpo and Uju and feel very free to leave comments.


Blazer: Zara

Granddad Collar White Shirt: Asos

Black Skinny Jeans: H & M

Glasses: Asos

Accessories : Asos

Velvet Loafers: Overalls

Big Shoutout to Josh,Asaju and Nsikan for coming thru at the last moment.


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