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The sweet sound of freedom is in the air, Can you feel it? Summer is here! With talk of beach walks, barbecues, and vacations, everyone is eager to get dressed up again. With the new weather comes a whole new season of fashion and a stack of new trends to try. Sadly, COVID is still around but slowly fading away ( hope you’ve gotten your shots). Since we are still living under the new normal, it’s time to get a new wardrobe to beat the blues and the heat in style.
From the silk look to the return of print shirts {it never goes out of style} we’ve scoured the runways, high street stores, and social media to find the biggest and hottest trends for you this summer.
Get comfortable, pour yourself a drink and dive into our top 3 trends for summer 2021;

Print, Silk, Sheer, Viscose – You Name It!


When we say “silk”I bet your mind associates it with a woman’s red lingerie worn as a valentine gift for you. {don’t be naughty} but in recent times, menswear have slowly adopted most of the so-called female wears, terming them “gender neutral” from velvet, lace, floral prints, skirts, purses. Etc so I think it’s about time to give silk a try this summer. After all, it is one of the hottest summer trends purposely built for summer, because of its light weight material. It can be paired with a jean, shorts or pantpick your choice


The printed summer shirt is back like it never left, It only keeps on getting more colorful and crazy stylish. The sun is out, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t play with colorful prints, Co-ords are heavy this season in prints – peep this Adire print co-ord from Nigerian unisex street wear brand DavidBlackmoore


Viscose shirts have taken summer trends to a new dimension, with its amazing summer friendly qualities: it does not trap heat, it’s very smooth, it’s breathable, it’s versatile, it can be paired with a jean obviously, worn as a co-ord or however you feel comfortable – i mean peep this our few select from Nigerian artisanal brand Metroman


Beer belly a.k.a pot belly doesn’t go well with this hot 70s comeback fashion trend. Bruh! you need to hit the gym asap to flex those abs in this see through sheer shirts this summer. If you’re concerned about how much a see-through shirt reveals, adding a blazer or a tank top underneath is a good option.
Style tip; fashion experts and editors agreed that the sheer shirt trend should be worn late afternoon towards the evening. Concerts, cocktail lounges, basically anywhere with mood lighting is a great place to sport the sheer shirt. In dark lighting, it comes across as a more subtle style flex than full-on shirtless attir

You Need Yourself Some SHORT-SHORTS

Every Summer almost seems like short-shorts always make a comeback. shorts can never seem to stick to a hem length. Well, this time, designers are choosing shorts that fall a few inches below the knee, and way above the knee (shorts short) Key styles feature abstract patterns, prints or sporty bold colors with a relaxed fit for everyday wear. Shorts are casual, so the shirt should be too while styling. but never be afraid to play with it, remember its summer (time to let loose).

Summer trends are all about the right accessories, to give that outfit the right boost it needs. Why just wear a printed shirt and jean just like every one else when you can throw in a wristwatch, bracelets, neckpiece, hat or some rad sun glass. Here is a list of the hottest accessory trends to try this summer.

Awkward shaped glasses;

Sunglasses are a must have summer accessory and fashion experts are taking sunglasses to a whole new direction with these Awkward or irregular shaped glasses you must have already spotted subconsciously on your favorite style influencers . Step out of your comfort zone and try it on

Pearls :

Pearls are for everyone, and style has no gender and, but for some reason pearls have been making a prominent comeback and is here to stay most especially in the menswear department since pearls are unique gems and can come in ranges, they make the perfect way for a man to make a fashion statement. Back in the days, pearls were a symbol of wealth, power, nobility and good looks for men. so why not try?


It’s crazy how the use of cowries to accessorize is gaining heavy momentum in fashion – from infusing into the hair to wearing it has a basic neck piece, this has evolved over the years and could be the next big stylish accessory this summer. it can be worn with any summer friendly outfits....

So This Summer Feel Free To Run Wild, Catch A Vibe And Stay Stylish Using Our Summer Ekpo Style Guide!

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