That Time of the year is here again ,leaving behind some trends  (that we’re grateful for) and ushering in a new wave for us to step up our style game. As the fashion grows there’s a constant rotation of trend from bygones eras or creation of new ones .With 2018 already moving fast ,let’s a look at some of the trends and accessories that would soon be flooding the Nigerian streetwear Scene

     ___________________________________________ Written By Philip Ihechu For Streetrepublicblog


A military staple and an iconic French headgear, the beret is coming back 2018. The preferred head gear for great artists like Pablo Picasso ,Charles Blackman and Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara ,the beret comes in a wide range of colors and can be worn with any military inspired or casual outfit.


The sidebag makes a return in 2018. Favored more for its function than style , the side bags would continue freeing up our pockets and complimenting our outfits.


With the Balenciaga Triple S sneakers leading the wave in this trend along with other brands such as Raf Simmons ozweegos and Fila disruptors. The chunky sneakers will continue to to show up its ugly head come 2018 and get us scrambling to get our hands on those Skechers we never wanted to touch.


2018 would see more DIY streetwear. With many using fashion as a way to express themselves and showcase their creativity and fashion’s focus on streetwear more pronounced than ever, expect to see more DIY outfits.


If 2017 was the year of the curt corbain shades then 2018 is the year the matrix shades. Inspired by the eyewear worn by Morpheus , Agent smith and Trinity of the Matrix trilogy,  these shades stands out with its bold angles and futuristic designs and will no doubt be an instant hit.

Images: @mannythegoat, @mark_kotun, @dricky_, @thesvnflower ,@iam_ycee


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