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Wanda LePhoto has Unveiled their Dynamic ‘People‘ Spring Summer ’24 Collection.

the eponymous South African menswear brand has successfully crafted a strong image for itself within its brief 5 year existence

with it’s unique presentation and dynamic view.

The brand’s latest collection further emphasizes its uniqueness.

The Spring Summer ’24 Collection titled “People,” is a vibrant mix of textiles, colors, and references.

The collection is said to be inspired by the late Virgil Abloh’s famous 3% rule.

The rule suggests that when re-creating an already existing product or idea, we only need to make changes by 3% to give it new meaning and a new life, all while still maintaining familiarity..

Wanda Le Photo applied the rule by making use of long standing textiles, silhouettes, and cultural references but placing them in a different context.

A great example of this is the ‘Me-Fie’ distressed printed fabric used in the collection.

‘Me Fie’ means ‘My Place of Origin’ in Akan, a language spoken primarily in Ghana.

The tailoring and cultural elements are already existing elements in this case. while the 3% change was the production process, i.e the use of distressed printing, and the overall presentation.

The first look features model Taylor wearing the “Me Fie” distressed Printed Poplin Shirt and Cotton Twill Pants.

after the official release in early June, Wanda Lephoto announced it’s first pop-up in Johannesburg earlier this month

where new Select styles from the Collection were available, such as the ‘Me Fie’ two-piece Knitwear Golfer with matching Open Leg Knitwear pants.

Check out looks from the amazing ‘People‘ Spring Summer ’24 Collection by Wanda Lephoto below.

Can you sense the “Emotions of the Traveling Dreamers?”

What do you think about the collection?

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