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Every fashionable Nigerian man should know these Nigerian Clothing brands

Over the years, Menswear has undergone tremendous evolution in Nigeria and the world at large.

Nigeria has come to witness an elaborate advancement and expansion of preconceived limits of Nigerian Men’s wear.

We’ve also experienced the immense impact of western influences in Nigerian Men’s fashion

and a development and progression on what we previously thought native and traditional attires to be.  

This article explores 10 Nigerian clothing brands that have set themselves apart by measures of sophistication, exquisite design, detail, elegance, etc.

Here are 10 Nigerian clothing brands every Nigerian man should know

That said,

Let’s Go!!


Atafo is a revered Nigerian brand adept in the art of making exquisite custom-made Suits, Tuxedos and traditional attires.

Atafo is credited with pulling off some incredibly glamorous looks at a number of Nigerian Galas, Award nights, concerts and even weddings.

He styles a number of celebrities in Nigeria, prominent amongst which is the very iconic Ebuka Obi-Echendu, the recurrent host of the Big Brother Nigeria TV show, The elegant and classy Denola Grey to mention a few. 

Ebuka Echendu rocking atafo blue mens robe and kaftan
Denola gray on brown suit

Atafo has flair with colour, flavour and glamour and has successfully explored shades generally considered effeminate and unassociable with men’s clothing.

Ebuka rocking multi-coloured agbada
Ebuka wearing maroon suit
Ebuka rocking gray kimono styled overall by Atafo


A brand by Makan Owoniyi, brother to Comedian AyoMakun, popularly known as (A.Y).

A ‘big name’ in the Nigerian Fashion scenery, Yomi Casual has a knack for bespoke Nigerian traditional kaftans.

Black agbada styled by celebrity designer yomi Casual

Yomi Casual has mastered the craft of harmonizing varying fabric and embroidery patterns.

He infuses a modern vibe to the kaftan and explores an array of fabric patterns in his designs.

He has also styled a very wide range of Nigerian male celebrities including legendary and veteran actor Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD), Big Brother Nigeria star Pere and several others.

Black patterned kaftan by Yomi Casual
RMD on red casual streetwear styled by Yomi Casual

The ‘casual’ in his name is not superfluous either. He also designs outfits which are specifically curated to give off a casual and comfy vibe. He just recently released his collection themed “Summer Vibes”.

Pere and rocking outfits off the summer vibes collection by Yomicasual


When you think sophistication, think Deji and Kola.

They are a tailoring company focused on Weddings, Corporate, Casuals, Traditional, Uniforms, and other forms of garment production. 

Operating in the city of Lagos, Nigeria, Deji and Kola take pride in their ‘Low Cost High Quality’ mantra and assures its customers of detail and elegance.

Matador styled suit jacket by Deji&Kola

Deji & Kola is definitely a brand to take a liking to. We find their detailing next to none. Deji and Kola truly accentuates the masculinity in any man.

Deji and Kola is a must-have for any Man with an ego. An asset in any wardrobe. You can never go wrong with this brand. ‘Last last’ two heads are better than one. Lol!

Mustard coloured Suit by Deji & Kola
Multi coloured Suit jacket styled by Deji & Kola


More popularly known as D29, Deco is your one-stop shop for ‘Agbada’ and traditional attires.

D29 is skilled in the selection and tailoring of the choicest and radiant fabrics principal amongst which is the Aso-oke fabric

a hand-woven cloth fabric created and worn mostly among the Yoruba people of South West Nigeria. Yes! You guessed right, ‘Owanbe’!!

Mr. Incredible (M.I) wedding agbada

Just have a look at Mr. Incredible (M.I) and his beautiful bride in majestic elegance and style.

D29’s striking excellence and overall delivery sets him apart in the traditional attire line of Nigerian Men’s fashion. Interestingly, D29 styles both male and female. The D29 brand assures a glamorous, colourful and picturesque outfit. The brand to channel the inner ‘Yoruba Demon’ in you.


The Orange Culture is a Nigerian androgynous brand that features clothing that derail along gender lines.

Orange Culture showcases a variety of Gender-neutral clothing.

This embraces the new world shift towards inclusivity which has led to similar fashion brands gaining traction.

Androgynous black jumpsuit by Orange Culture
Yellow outfit and head gear by Orange Culture
Matted multi -coloured bag styled outfit by Orange

This seems like a brand that would style a Wizkid or Burna boy music Video, LOL!

Sky blue Jumpsuit by Orange culture

The Orange brand might appear to be a shift from the above listed Nigerian clothing brands, but we still find it a valuable item for your wardrobe.


David Wej is a Nigerian lifestyle brand celebrated for its bespoke suits, shirts, classic casual clothing and accessories.

The Nigerian Designer melds and integrates traditional styles and techniques with a touch of the western influence

to create designs ladened with panache and elegance.

David Wej patterned suits

With a devotion to an expansive and overall global vision, David has made great strides in setting his brand on the global fashion scenery, recently launching his 7th Store in London, United Kingdom.


Trax Apparel is a Pan-African themed luxury fashion brand that harnesses true artistic prowess in its designs. A brand with an undaunted attachment to values of art, lifestyle and sport.

Edo Bronze head dashiki by Trax Apparel

Trax is well versed in the fashioning of traditional African attire particularly the ‘Dashiki’. With a unique, detailed and flawless blend of colours, Trax reinvents the dashiki and incorporates Pan-African subthemes, imagery and symbolism.

Over the years, Trax has lent its voice to commiserate, support and make bold statements on trending cultural issues and happenings like the #BlackLivesMatter movement, Rape #NomeansNo, the Death of Chadwick Boseman amongst others.

Chadwick boseman by Trax
Black lives matter by Trax


Vanskere is an Urban African ready-to-wear luxury brand launched in 2005.

‘Vanskere’, an eponym coined after its alter ego and founder, Evans Akere, a trained lawyer and a graduate of the London College of Fashion.

Vanskere showcases a penchant for colours and geometry which it features in its collections.

Towards the end of 2015, Vanskere announced the launch of its diffusion brand, Signore Fusion.

Signore Fusion would go on to launch its ‘Glaze Campaign’ aimed at breaking stereotypical notions on what African inspired designs and collections ought to be.

Signore Fusion has also presented collections like its 2019 Spring/Summer collection ‘Kabuki’, Signore Fusion Seasons 1 & 2 to mention a few.


Ugo Monye, is a pace setter in Huate couture and traditional ready-to wear attire

in the Nigerian clothing brand space.

Ugo’s designs encapsulate a regal and majestic outlook.

In October 2021, Ugo Monye presented his 2022 Spring/Summer collection at the Lagos Fashion Week 2021 titled ‘the Opulence collection’.

A collection inspired by three main materials; Pearls, Aso-Oke and Velvet which he states represent affluence, substance and luxury.

Ugo’s designs are meticulously and elaborately curated to resonate “effortless opulence.”


Emmy Kasbit is a Pan-African fashion brand who uses traditional West African weaving techniques to create unique street wears.

Kasbit’s designs are mostly inspired by real life events and iconic moments in history.

He ingeniously interweaves well refined textile fabric against the backdrop of historical events to communicate his message.

An artist that expresses a thousand words through his work.

In September 2021, Emmy Kasbit won the inaugural edition of the African Fashion Up

organized by the Share Africa Platform in partnership with Balenciaga. 

Earlier this year, Kasbit Launched ‘The Emmy Kasbit initiative’, a platform dedicated to

“eradicating poverty in fashion, sustainability and cultural education and the enhancement of liberty”.

This initiative is part of its vision to envisage and partake in creating a gender equal world ridded of bias, stereotypes and discrimination.


We wish to disclaim and state that this list is neither conclusive nor exhaustive.

There are so many other excellent Nigerian clothing brands out there.

However, the brands considered herein were selected within a carefully curated criterion.

How many of the brands listed above are you familiar with? Also, please mention some reputable and noteworthy brands that you know and were not listed here.


  1. This was a really interesting read although some of the brands are new to me. I am most familiar with Orange culture.
    It’s so different!

    1. david Ityonyiman

      Thank you for your comment. These are only a few brands even. There are so many up and coming brands with so much vision and prospects, stay tuned as we continue to discuss unravel them.

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