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Here’s a list of things We At EKPO think You Might need this summer:

  • Shorts 

*Excellent casual piece of menswear*

Get yourself some shorts this summer instead of the commonplace trousers.

Shorts just found their identity in men’s fashion recently, and we believe there is a place for them, and it’s just important you know how to wear them. 

For a graceful, classy look you definitely want shorts that end above the knee.

Let the shorts be proportional to your thighs, not too tight. And just avoid long shorts.

Dressier shorts will most often come with turn-ups or cuffs, which can be a catchy little detail when wearing shorts.

Chinos are always good, and they come in really good, almost bright colors.

Shorts Rule of thumb: Pay attention to the fit and your physique.

If you have long, slim legs, choose slim cut shorts that end above the knee for a great look. 

  • Sunglasses 

Shades Season Is Here! And, we’ve found the sunglasses that will turn your eyewear game into an art exhibit. 

The Cobain Shades are really hot right now! one advice we will give when copping this is

Avoid the white Cobains because they are widespread; go for a different color, if not a totally different style of shade.

You can try the Nigerian eyewear brand; Dapmod. The best part of Dapmod is that you can customize and send a special order.

They make the shades to suit you. It retails for just N7000.

  • Accessories 

A gentleman’s wardrobe is indeed a  work of art and reflects a lot and this isn’t possible without a good number of accessories. 

You can’t just go around looking bland in that jacket, shirt, bag, or whatever, and most importantly, in your blazer. Accessorize yourself this summer!

  • Baseball hats

It’s a very good thing we’ve grown out of the ol’ snapback with the flat brim and the stickers on it.

It was high time we ditched the flat visor hat and upgraded to something more mature. Thi

s summer, Go with a baseball hat that’s way more discreet, mature and versatile. 

  • Hoodies/ Jumpers/ Tees/ 

Since a little yellow is the new thing around, you don’t want to miss out on it

by getting yourself a similar item with soft pastels, such as a hoodie, tee and the like.

Trust me, it has this vibrancy it gives to your outfit and an attitude too. 

Go with the flow of the season this summer and take your style to a whole ‘nother level. 



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