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Roots Africa

Roots: Made in Africa Fashion Industry Pop-Up Tour

LHAUDE Africa is proud to present a groundbreaking initiative designed to unite the diverse and dynamic world of African fashion.

Introducing the ‘ROOTS: Made in Africa’ pop-up tour, a series of events aimed at fostering deeper connections, promoting knowledge exchange, and enhancing visibility among African fashion stakeholders.

This innovative program is set to create a vibrant platform for creative businesses, brands, professionals, investors, industry leaders, and government representatives

to engage in meaningful business-to-business (B2B) networking, forge lucrative deal-making opportunities, and drive product sales.

The inaugural edition of this travelling pop-up program has been developed in collaboration with Ace Avenue Agency, an Accra-based fashion business consultancy.

Known for its mission to develop world-class African fashion brands through strategic retail operations

Ace Avenue Agency is the perfect partner to launch this ambitious venture.

Rhoda Aguonigho

“ROOTS is more than a series of pop-ups,” says Rhoda Aguonigho, the visionary founder of Lhaude Africa.

“It’s a celebration of Africa’s vibrant creativity and a bridge connecting African artisans, businesses, and consumers across the continent. Through Pan-African trade and collaboration, we can not only showcase the brilliance of Made-in-Africa products but also foster a thriving ecosystem that empowers Africa’s creative spirit.”

Rhoda Aguonigho

Elorm Amankwa

Elorm Amankwa, the founder of Ace Avenue Agency, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of pan-African collaboration in driving growth and advancement.

“One of the values of my agency is to lean into pan-African collaboration,” she shares.

“We believe that is where actual growth and advancement occur. That’s why we were so excited to collaborate with Lhaude on ROOTS Ghana. Not only are we looking forward to engaging with the Nigerian and Ghanaian brands that are coming on board, but we are excited about the B2B and B2C opportunities that this event is going to bring. We can’t wait to see the next steps the brands take afterward because we know that ROOTS is going to open so many doors for them.”

Elorm Amankwa

The first stop of the ROOTS tour will be in Accra, Ghana, from June 7th to 9th, 2024.

This 3-day gathering is poised to host fashion stakeholders from across Africa and the diaspora

offering an unparalleled opportunity to experience the continent’s finest fashion design talents and engage with leading voices through insightful panel discussions.

ROOTS plans to extend its reach to Johannesburg and Nairobi later in the year, and the event promises to be a highlight of the 2024 African fashion calendar.

Day 1: Welcome, Showcases and Networking

The event will kick off with a grand opening ceremony, welcoming participants and setting the tone for the days ahead.

Attendees will have the opportunity to network with peers, meet industry leaders, and explore the exhibition area,

showcasing a diverse range of African fashion brands.

This initial day is all about laying the foundation for meaningful connections and collaborations that will drive the industry forward.

Day 2: Panel discussions and Showcases

The second day will be dedicated to a series of panel discussions and workshops

led by some of the most vibrant voices in the African fashion industry.

Topics will range from sustainable fashion practices and innovative design techniques to market expansion strategies

and the future of African fashion on the global stage.

These sessions are designed to provide valuable insights and practical knowledge that attendees can apply to their own businesses.

Day 3: Creative tour

The final day of the ROOTS event will feature a creative tour for the participating brands, exposing them to the vibrant Ghanaian creative community.

This will be an opportunity for brands to network, interact, and share ideas with the creative eco-system in Ghana in a conducive, unfiltered environment.

The event will conclude with a closing ceremony, celebrating the success of the inaugural ROOTS pop-up and setting the stage for future editions.

Beyond the Pop-Up: Long-Term Impact

The ROOTS: Made in Africa tour is not just about the immediate impact of the events.

It aims to create a long-lasting effect on the African fashion industry by fostering sustained collaboration and growth.

By bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders, ROOTS seeks to build a robust network that supports the ongoing development and international recognition of African fashion.

Through strategic partnerships and continued engagement, ROOTS aims to support African fashion brands in scaling their businesses and reaching new markets.

Looking Ahead

ROOTS prepares to take its tour to Johannesburg and Nairobi later in 2024

the excitement continues to build. Each location will bring its own unique flavor and context to the event

enriching the overall experience and providing new opportunities for engagement and growth.

The journey of ROOTS: Made in Africa is just beginning, and the future holds immense potential for the African fashion industry.

The ROOTS: Made in Africa Fashion Industry Pop-Up Tour represents a bold and visionary step

towards uniting the continent’s fashion stakeholders and showcasing the exceptional talent and creativity that Africa has to offer.

By fostering collaboration, enabling knowledge exchange, and driving visibility

ROOTS is set to make a significant impact on the African fashion landscape.


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