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Ekpo summer tips

summer 2023 is upon us

it officially begins in June

which is less than a month from now.

Spring is generally believed to be the best time of the year

for many reasons.

but your summer could be just as lit and so much more

if you prepare for it.

have no fear, because Ekpo is back with 5 sure tips to get you ready for summer 2023.

from footwear to outfit options to skincare

there’s enough to take into consideration.

so let’s get into it 5 tips to get you ready for summer.


You’ve been rocking jeans all winter and spring

how about trying something different this summer?

besides, denim is one of the heaviest fabrics

they’re not bad for summer style

but there are way more breathable options to choose from.

this summer you can try out light weight cotton, wool and even linen pants instead

they are very comfortable

can be worn for a long period of time (which is great for long working hours)

and can be styled in a number of ways

for casual and formal settings.

they are great for monochromatic looks, and can be tailored to your specifications.

denim cotton pants and wide leg denim are also options

to consider for the denim lovers who can’t let it go.

cargo pants are also still very much in style

light cotton cargo pants would also be a great summer outfit choice.


During winter and early spring

layering was the strong points of most outfits

great layering always elevates any ensemble.

but that will not be as possible during summer

except in cases of light cotton sweaters and sweater vests over button-up shirts.

another option to explore is one-piece or two piece set garments.

this could range from traditional outfits

like kaftans and senators

to suits/jump suits and wrap dresses for ladies.

they are all stylish summer compatible options.


I promise you we cannot stress this enough

you might have heard this before

but we still had to include it in this list.

because as much as a lot more Africans are beginning to embrace the need for sunscreen

a good number still think it isn’t necessary.

applying sun screen will keep your skin from aging, drying and will retain glow.

the best time to apply sunscreen is 30mins before you head out

and for sensitive skin, use specific suncreen for your skin type.

gel sun screen generally have the best results.


Foot wear is one of the areas you can really be experimental during summer time.

however, low rise shoes are the most appropriate for summer

and there a whole range to choose from

loafers and sneakers for dressing up

Birken stocks and huaraches

for dressing down and more casual ocassions.


Turns out the skin around your eyes tend to be really sensitive

constant exposure could really damage them.

soinstead of constantly squinting

why not get yourself a pair of shades.

so there you have it

5 tips to get you ready for summer

are you looking forward to summer 2023?

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