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Happy new month! believe it or not we are already in the month of march.

that’s right, it’s officially spring season! it’s time to start shedding of the layers and saying goodbye to the winter coats and thick outerwear.

spring season generally lasts till early June in most places, until it fades into summer. for some regions that do not have such seasons(winter and spring), this period is still a transition from cool and gloomy to a brighter and more sunny atmosphere. for others it is actually only just getting hotter(we have climate change to blame for that)

with that being said, what should a man’s wardrobe look like this spring as everywhere starts to really brighten up?

The fashion industry always has it’s own suggestions for trends for every season of the year. some of these trends could actually be very exciting and appealing to be honest. but rather than just dish out a list of trends to follow, we have 7 style tips that are sure to come in handy and leave you comfortable, confident and stylish this spring. the sun is out and shining and you should be to.

here are our 7 style tips you need to know in 2023 for men;


before you consider ripping a hole in the back of your shirt like timothee chalamlet famously did with his outfit at the Venice film festival red carpet in September last year. what we are referring to here are your footwear options. mules and backless slip-on shoes are all the rage for spring/summer this year.

mules in particular, have risen in popularity among luxury and high end brands in recent years. with the likes of Alyx, Givenchy and bottega having their own iterations of the foot-ware. Not only are they appropriate for this season, they are equally very stylish.

The options vary depending on your budget and personal style. from the designer cosy balenciga BB mule for your luxe satisfaction to the UGG men’s scuff slipper for a more casual setting. there’s really a wide range to select from.

They are very versatile and can be styled excellently with traditional and casual outfits. so don not hesitate to include a mule or backless loafer in your shoe rack this spring. and if you have one already, you’re on track. it’s time to really rock those bad boys.


If you fall into the category of guys that still wear really skinny jeans, have you considered getting a more loose fitting option? give yourself some room to breathe man. aside the fact that a baggy or more relaxed fit looks better on you, skinny jeans are actually out of style now.

prioritize comfort in your style when you’re putting together an outfit. that way you don’t have to worry about trying to pull of a fit while being terribly uncomfortable. this style tip does not only apply to the skinny jean this spring season, but your pants in general. both tailored and ready made.

The loose fitting or baggy fit of your ensemble allows you to be comfortably confidently in your style. loose fitting clothes have a way of interacting with the wearer such that, you(the wearer) are the one actually wearing the clothes and not the other way around. the movement and draping give more control in a sense.

If the menswear runway shows for spring/summer 2023 are anything to go by, you would be very much on trend. especially with high waisted baggy pants, they are very much in season. have you never tried tried to wear loose fitting pants because you think it doesn’t really fit into your personal style? well, you can never really know until you try.


As we approach the spring/summer season, we naturally tend to consider lighter options in our fabric choices. but this spring 2023 we can experiment with breathability with our our ready-to-wear outfit choices. the men’s runway collections for this season gave a nudge towards gender neutral pieces like mesh tops, sleeveless light weight tops and crop tops.

There are several ways to approach styling pieces like a mesh top or sleeves top. it’s best to understand your personal style and what suits you. it’s also helps to be experimental sometimes.

A mesh top layered exquisitely would really accentuate your outfit, and how people perceive your style in general. there’s a wide range to choose from men’s mesh tops. from designer options with Raf-simons and jean Paul Gaultier to online shopping platforms like Asos and amazon you’re sure to find something within your style and budget range. mesh tops are a relatively unconventional statement piece to have in your wardrobe this spring that will have you standing out style-wise.


That’s right, they’re back. the bowler button-up/button down shirt(whichever you prefer to call it) is a spring/summer men’s mainstream fashion staple. we covered that with our top 3 trends to get you summer ready in 2021.

This season is no different. having a couple of bowling shirts in your wardrobe is not a bad idea. you could go for bold stripes and prints this time around, as opposed to dull and plane. for a expressive and more sophisticated demeanor. if you are looking to get a couple for yourself, aside online retail stores and physical stores. thrift stores and cloth swaps are some options to consider that could get you some rare gems and grail pieces. not only that, but they are more affordable and sustainable options.

from hanging out at the beach, to a casual day outside with friends, to an outdoor themed party. the bowler shirt is really that versatile and can function perfectly for almost any occasion.


unlike jewelry, watches are both useful and aesthetic. if you don’t already own a wristwatch, this is the perfect time to get yourself one. take this as the sign you’ve been looking for. As we start to double down on layering during the spring season, and we begin to show more skin. proper accessorizing will really elevate your style.

A good stylish wrist watch is a timeless accessory(kind of ironic, if you know what i mean… get it? because it tells time). in recent years we’ve seen the rise of the apple watch in mainstream lifestyle for it’s sleek minimalistic and smart design. that invariably lead to the increase in demand for smart watches(call it the classic apple effect)

classic leather and chain watches now have modern iterations that are even more appealing. whatever your preference may be, you can be sure to find a great watch that suits your style.


shorts are a spring/summer menswear favorite. but how short can shorts be? well, they can be shorter than they used to be that’s for sure. Donald glover made sure we got the memo last year summer.

shorts are not in anyway new to menswear fashion. if anything we are seeing a return of the short shorts. they were very popular during the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s as athletic and sports wear. and ever since they started gaining popularity again with a contemporary designs of the short, we have been seeing a reasonable amount of well-above-knee length shorts in stores and on the runway.

now designed for athleisure, regular ready-to-wear, and even Neo-formal settings, it really wouldn’t hurt to get yourself a pair of short shorts. they are extremely comfortable and breathable. when styled with a great pair of socks and/or foot-ware it would make a killer outfit that just oozes comfort and style.

just how short the short can go is completely up to you and how much skin you’re willing to show.


Most of the style tips we have highlighted so far have leaned towards a more casual Aesthetic. but hold on, we are not suggesting you ditch the suit and tie just yet.

well, just the tie in this case. turns out the neck tie is very much “in” this season. straight of the runway we have noticed the subtle resurgence of the neck tie. styled in traditional and not-so-traditional manners. this tick tock generation call the style trend work-core.

up until fall 2023 runway collections, a good number of collections continued the campaign for the neck tie. aside trends noticed on the runway, off the runway, on a mainstream level we are very much in a post pandemic lockdown era the need to dress-up in the formal sense has been circulated in our collective consciousness again. something the lockdown successfully took away from us.

This style tip however, does not only apply to the corporate work setting. dinner dates, cocktail parties, high profile events or when you simply just want to pull off a memorable fit. are all very good excuses to pull out a tie. plane, stripped and patterned, there’s so many options to choose from and so many great ways to style them. from styling it with a denim jack or sweater vest to styling it with a rain jacket or varsity jacket. it’s really up to how creative you can get with it and how experimental you’re willing to be .

so that’s it folks, our 7 style tips for spring this year. what do you think we’ve left out?

feel free to let us know in the comment section and we’ll be sure to reply

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