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In a groundbreaking triumph for Nigeria’s fashion scene, Lagos Space Programme

emerged victorious at the Fashion Trust Arabia (FTA) 2023 Awards,

securing the coveted Guest Country accolade.

This prestigious recognition comes as a testament to the brand’s innovative prowess

and the collaborative efforts with the EMERGE initiative.

Founded in 2018, the FTA serves as a beacon for emerging designers within the Middle East and North African (MENA) region.

As a non-profit organization and collective of esteemed fashion designers,

FTA plays a pivotal role in providing financial support, guidance, and mentorship

to budding talents while facilitating a platform for international exposure.

Originally scheduled for October 2023, the award ceremony took an unexpected turn

as it was canceled to express solidarity with Palestine. Undeterred, the FTA persevered

conducting a two-day deliberation session that culminated in the online announcement of winners on December 18th.

Lagos Space Programme, founded on a commitment to pushing creative boundaries,

showcased its distinctive vision in the FTA competition.

The Guest Country award for Nigeria adds another feather to the brand’s cap, distinguishing it from other finalists

including NKWO, Tokyo James, and Kenneth Ize.

This recognition not only affirms Lagos Space Programme’s position on the global fashion stage

but also underscores the growing influence of Nigeria’s fashion industry.

As Lagos Space Programme basks in the glory of this triumph,

the Fashion Trust Arabia (FTA) award serves as a testament to the power of creativity

resilience and cross-cultural collaboration in shaping the future of fashion.

The journey from a canceled event to a digital celebration highlights the adaptability and tenacity of the fashion community

as it continues to overcome challenges and break new ground in the ever-evolving landscape of global design.

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