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Look no further for your style tips, Ekpo is back with 8 footwear essentials for every man in 2023.

are you a stylish guy looking to have a solid footwear Rotation?

or maybe you’re not really into fashion and you just need some tips on the right shoes to shop for?

we’ve got you covered.

the whole point of any wardrobe essentials list is to have the fundamental pieces

to ensure you’re not not caught lacking in any type of setting.

from casual, to official, to the great outdoors.

you should come correct.

so let’s dive straight in, 8 footwear essentials for every man in 2023.


You need to have a pair of trainers bro.

it might seem like a no brainer

but sometimes your work outfit priorities, end up overshadowing everything else

and you really don’t want to be that guy that shows up to a link up with friends in some oxfords.

so get yourself some trainers.

the Adidas Stan smith trainers have stood the test of time, so it’s a great option.

the puma CA classic pro, and converse trainers are other great choices.

just get something comfortable within your price range.

Adidas Stan smith
Puma CA Classic Pro
converse all-star leather mono OX trainers


This particular item can get over looked sometimes.

you could feel like having a pair of lace up formal shoes already cover it.

but loafers are way more versatile and utilitarian.

you can style them in a number of ways.

with traditional attrie, formal, semi-formal and casual.

we’ve seen style icon, Tyler the creator

rock loafers with socks and shorts severally.

so it’s really up to how willing you are to experiment.

almost any online store would have a decent range of options to select from.

you could also have a pair made at the shoemakers.

don’t sleep on loafers this year.

penny loafers


Why wear a regular pair of slides when you could wear technical slides?

tech slides have become increasingly popular in recent years

with NBDA leading the way in that space.

tech slides are perfect for cozy indoor and outdoor settings.

they are equally stylish as they are comfortable.

you can find a good pair online or in a physical store.

Birkin stocks are also a great option in place of technical slides.

Suicoke technical slides
Birken stocks


A solid pair of sneakers can really elevate your outfit.

trainers are great and all for a toned down and very minimalist look.

but you need to also be able to out the Jordan’s and Nikes when the need arises.

depending on your preference, there’s a good range to pick from.

A good option is the New balance Dad shoe that has been somewhat of a trend

ever since Balenciaga released the Triple S Sneaker.

other brands like Sketchers and reebok have great Dad shoe and sneaker offerings.

and of course, the air Jordan’s are great options as well.

new balance 550 sneakers
reebok classic leather legacy
Air Jordan 4
Nike Air force 1
Air Jordan 1


As great as casual foot-ware is

nothing beats the leather slippers and Traditional outift combo.

as an African guy

a good pair of leather slippers should not be overlooked in your shoe rack selection.

you might have to pull out those bad boys for an Owmabe

you never know.


You’re definietly going to need rubber slides for your pool side and beach outings

they’re perfect for the waterside and can afford to get wet

unlike the technical slides and Birkin stocks.

it’s also great for quick neighborhood runs where they might possibly get dirty and dusty

and that wouldn’t be a problem because they’re easy to clean.

adidas adilette aqua
Champion IPO slides
adidas adissage slides


Of course, a footwear essentials list is in-complete without formal wear.

Brogues, monk straps, oxfords and even Dr martens, all suffice as formal footwear

this is a must have for every guy

regardless of your occupation.

the time will certainly come for formal wear.

if you like the classics, the oxford and brogues are just right for you.

or you could decide to switch it up with the contemporary Dr martens for a change.

what ever makes you most comfortable and confident in your formal wear.

Calf leather black shoes
Dr martens 8053 platform shoes
brown double monk strap calf leather shoe


You’re completley set at this point.

you can be confident that your shoe game is on fleek.

dessert boots, Chelsea boots, and leather boots

are examples of boot options.

they’re several contemporary leather and rubber boot designs to choose from.

there’s the wellington boot, heeled Chelsea boots, chunky soles, Dr. martens lace up leather boots etc.

all depends on your style Preferenceand what you feel confident in.

(can’t stress that last point enough)

leather chelsea boot
Tod’s suede dessert boot
Dr martens 1460 smooth leather mens boot

that being said

it’s important that you prioritize comfort and quality in your footwear essentials.

it’s actually all part of sustainability if you think about it.

we don’t really use some pieces because after we buy them

we find out that we are not comfortable in them or it’s not great quality.

then we end up abandoning it and having to get another one.

so shop wisely

don’t buy stuff you won’t use and don’t buy stuff you’re not comfortable in.

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