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Born Star NG is Founded by the exceptionally talented Adedamola Adebayo

This indigenous fashion brand is making waves for its commitment to sustainability

and its powerful message of self-expression.

As one of the finalists for the prestigious Lagos Fashion Week Green Access 2023

Born Star NG has demonstrated its dedication to strengthening circular

and sustainable fashion practices.

This article explores the unique journey of Born Star NG

the sustainable materials it employs

and its thought-provoking collection, “Ghetto Unicorn.”

A Visionary Founder

Born Star NG owes its existence to Adedamola Adebayo

a locally trained stylist, illustrator, and fashion enthusiast.

Adebayo’s passion for fashion and commitment to making a difference in the industry

led to the birth of this remarkable brand.

Adebayo’s vision was not just about creating aesthetically pleasing clothing

but also about making a meaningful impact on local communities and the environment.

The Green Access Program

Being a finalist for the Lagos Fashion Week Green Access 2023

is a testament to Born Star NG’s dedication to sustainability.

The Green Access program is a vital platform designed to bolster circular and sustainable Nigerian fashion brands.

In a world where the fashion industry is often criticized for its environmental Impact

Born Star NG is striving to lead the way

by showing that fashion can be both stylish and eco-conscious.

Locally Sourced, Globally Inspired

One of the key pillars of Born Star NG’s sustainability is its use of 90% locally made materials.

This commitment not only supports local artisans and communities

but also reduces the brand’s carbon footprint.

The brand’s designs feature an eclectic blend of Nigerian and global influences

resulting in unique, gender-neutral pieces that stand out in the fashion landscape.

From bags and footwear to clothing

Born Star NG exemplifies how sustainability can be both stylish and functional.

“Ghetto Unicorn” Collection

The latest project from Born Star NG, the “Ghetto Unicorn” collection, is more than just fashion

it’s an exploration of life issues in the ghetto and the freedom of self-expression

Adebayo, with a keen eye for social issues

has used this collection as a canvas to express the struggles

and triumphs of individuals in marginalized communities.

“Ghetto Unicorn” is a powerful testament to the brand’s commitment

to social responsibility and artistic expression.

The pieces in this collection are not just clothes; they tell stories.

Each design carries a narrative, echoing the hopes and dreams of those

who have, for too long, been silenced by societal norms.

Born Star NG’s “Ghetto Unicorn” is a platform for the voiceless

to express their uniqueness and their aspirations for a brighter future.


Born Star NG, founded by Adedamola Adebayo

is a beacon of hope in the Nigerian fashion industry.

Its remarkable journey is a locally trained stylist’s dream

A finalist in the Lagos Fashion Week Green Access 2023 is an inspiration.

By using 90% locally made materials and focusing on gender-neutral designs

the brand not only brings sustainability to the forefront

but also showcases the rich diversity of Nigerian culture.

The “Ghetto Unicorn” collection is a testament to the brand’s commitment

to using fashion as a medium for social change and self-expression.

Born Star NG’s innovative approach to fashion demonstrates that style and sustainability

can go hand in hand, and it serves as a shining example for the fashion industry as a whole.

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