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GQ South Africa digital cover Unveils the Stars of Africa’s Bright Future at the 2023 Future Africa Awards

Africa is a continent teeming with potential, innovation, and talent.

This diverse and vibrant land has produced a new generation of individuals who are not only changing the narrative

but also driving Africa towards a brighter future.

The 2023 Future Africa Awards, hosted by GQ South Africa, seek to recognize and celebrate

these young, dynamic individuals who are working together to tackle some of the continent’s most pressing challenges.

The digital cover of this year’s event bears the theme “African Stars on the Rise.”

featuring remarkable talents who are making waves and setting Guinness World Records while leading Africa’s path forward.

Meet the Stars:

1. Chef Hilda Basi – World Record Holder

Chef Hilda Basi’s culinary wizardry has captured the hearts and stomachs of millions.

Her innovative approach to cooking has led her to claim a viral Guinness World Record for the longest hours spent cooking by an individual. Chef Hilda’s passion for food is not only a feast for the senses but also a testament to the heights African talent can reach.

2. Brother Shaggi – Actor and Digital Creator

Nigeria’s beloved entertainer, Brother Shaggi, has taken the digital world by storm.

Known for his side-splitting comedy sketches and compelling acting, he has become a household name not only in Nigeria but across Africa. His immense popularity is a testament to the power of humor in connecting communities.

3. Ifan Ifeanyi Michael – Award-Winning Filmmaker

Ifan Ifeanyi Michael is rewriting the narrative of African cinema.

With his thought-provoking films, he challenges stereotypes and brings untold stories to the big screen. His awards and critical acclaim underline the potential of African cinema to reach the global stage.

4. Morenike Olusanya – Visual Artist and Illustrator

Morenike Olusanya’s artistry is a visual symphony.

Her breathtaking creations showcase the richness of African culture and her unique perspective on life. Through her illustrations, she weaves intricate stories that connect us to our heritage while embracing our future.

5. Lukman Shobowale – Real Estate Investment Coach

Lukman Shobowale is the embodiment of financial empowerment.

His expertise in real estate investment is empowering Africans to make sound financial decisions. By educating individuals on property investment, he is helping them secure their financial future and contribute to the growth of Africa’s economies.

6. Mrs. Scarlet Gomes – Versatile Actress

Scarlet Gomes is a versatile actress who has captured the essence of diverse characters.

Her roles not only entertain but also challenge the status quo. She is a powerful voice advocating for inclusivity and gender equality in the entertainment industry.

7. Hakeem Onasanya – Tech Guru

Hakeem Onasanya is a trailblazer in the world of technology.

His innovative solutions are driving the digital transformation of Africa, and his work is contributing to solving some of the continent’s most pressing issues.

His contributions extend to improving education, healthcare, and access to information.

The 2023 Future Africa Awards: Celebrating Change-makers

The Future Africa Project, is a beacon of hope for the continent.

By recognizing and celebrating these rising stars of Africa, it serves as a powerful reminder that Africa’s future is in capable hands.

The award ceremony showcases these young, dynamic individuals who are committed to solving Africa’s biggest and most urgent issues

from economic development and social inclusion to technological advancement and cultural enrichment.

This year’s GQ South Africa digital cover, featuring Chef Hilda Basi, Brother Shaggi, Ifan Ifeanyi Michael, Morenike Olusanya, Lukman Shobowale, Mrs. Scarlet Gomes, and Hakeem Onasanya, shines a spotlight on African talent and the determination to create a brighter future for the continent.

As we celebrate these African stars on the rise

we are inspired by their accomplishments and look forward to the positive impact they will continue to make on the continent.

They are not just the future of Africa; they are the present, and their achievements are setting the stage for a brighter tomorrow.

Together, they exemplify the spirit of collaboration and determination that will help Africa address and overcome its most significant challenges

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