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Nigerian based Contemporary Androgynous brand Orange Culture has released its 2023 Spring-Summer Collection themed ‘Dreamland’. Orange Culture is renowned for its non-conformist and expressive style. Orange Culture has been described to be more than a fashion brand, a movement that maintains its unique vision of fashion and continues to champion eccentric and daring campaigns in traditional and contemporary African fashion circles.

With the prevalent sway on the gender and gender-inclusivity discourse, Orange Culture conveniently harmonizes this divide, curating haute couture that derail along gender lines nonetheless ladened with novel and unparalleled allure.

As far as we can tell, Orange Culture continues to make waves within and beyond the shores of Nigeria and Africa at large, garnering several international recognitions and nominations like the LVMH prize and Woolmark prize along the way. The brand has become a huge influence to many (designers alike) and is easily credited to be a pacesetter in Contemporary Urban Street wear in Nigeria.

Orange Culture’s 2023 Spring-summer collection ‘Dreamland’ is a stunning collection that utilizes and conflates a laudatory blend of colours and a rich array of fabric. While showcasing a range of custom African-print fabric, the collection exhibit a seemingly simple but Aesthetically astounding masterpiece.

Abisoye 70s inspired suit meets the shalom crotchet hand woven crop top
Jide hand stoned two piece suit
Camille mono sleeve custom print dress worn with Tam skinny to flare custom print pants

Worthy of note is the exquisite detailing and finishing in the collection. We see subtle splashes of colour on some of the pieces; elaborate handcrafting with garment stones, sequins, ostrich feathers, crotchet outfits and eccentric handmade bead bags.

Tife ostrich feather tiered mini dress
Sonia hand stoned blazer with ostrich feathers with kachi handwoven hipster pants

Orange Culture makes a connection to its Nigerian roots with the collection retaining a predominantly Nigerian backdrop and a number of the outfit names tracing its nomenclature to the South Eastern and South western Regions of Nigeria.

Ebuka sleeveless shoulder pad print shirt with Doubra wave waist print pants

Overall, Orange Culture makes bold with its 2023 Spring-Summer collection. In its usual tenacity, it upsets the boundaries of what some within the Nigerian clime would consider regular.

Kene custom print body suit meets the Ian custom print scarf

Audacious and venturous indeed!

What do you think about this Collection? Share your thoughts.

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